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Jun 25, 2008
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Yankee Candle Decorative Screen with 8 Holders & 24 Fragranced Tea Lights
Yankee Candle Decorative Screen with 8 Holders & 24 Fragranced Tea Lights
Today's Special Value Price£23.97 QVC Price£29.00Item Number757366 Availability In stock UK P&P£5.45Overall Rating no ratings

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Bring your fireplace to life with this decorative fold-away screen from Yankee Candle. It's crafted from wrought iron and is available in two stylish colours - Black or Cream. Both options feature a pretty floral design and come with two boxes of 12 fragranced tea lights and eight glass votives. The Black option comes with Water Garden and Baby Powder tea lights and the Cream option comes with Fresh-cut Rose and Clean Cotton tea lights. Each tea light has a burn time of around six hours. Screen measures around 56cm x 8cm x 59cm (22" x 3" x 23").
Nice find :)

They usually remove these pretty quickly so just in case, i've attached some pictures.


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Oh, still dithering- nice or naff? :confused: I can't decide. The black option appeals but I don't like the fragrances - although they could easily go in the present drawer! ;)
I quite like it but not enough to buy it......besides, I don't NEED it! Neither do you bbelle!! ;)

Ah, 'The Voice of Reason', aka our very own BusyLizzie. You're right, I don't need it. I won't be buying it. Let's hope it sells out pdq and we get lots of OTOs. :D:ANYWORD::D
Busy, didn't we kneel by something similar in the church where Liam and I wed this morning?
I like it but I'm being good at the mo, but if the gas prices keep going up then it would be a good substitute to keep warm in winter!:)
Three days then it's useless you'll need to stock up with tealights.
Limited appeal me thinks and certainly no good for me with a little puppy on the way.
i reckon you'd only need to put 1 or 2 scented lights in or it would be a waste.

Eight scented lights would be overpowering, especially the Baby Powder. I'd just put in 1 or 2 and fill the other spaces up with Asda cheapies, £1.50ish for 100.

Look!! I'm talking myself into buying it. :eek: Where's 'The Voice of Reason' when you need her?

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