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Jun 25, 2008
I've just been watching Debbie Greenwood (now don't get me wrong, I like her lots) but really Debbie would you want a screwdriver for Christmas? telling us your husband would love one for christmas - I bet he wouldn't. Why on earth do you think men would? That's like saying you must buy woman food mixers for Christmas - no thanks!

As usual the poor guys get the short straw.
Diane - I'm watching this hour too and thought the very same when Debs said it, although to be fair she did say she would buy it for her hubby as a stocking filler - although my idea of stocking fillers are choccies and even more choccies!!. Linda
My hubby's idea of a stocking filler certainly is not a screwdriver.:22:
My OH would actually love it. He has about 15 big tool boxes and a million socket sets (whatever they are for). I've bought him super wrenches etc and he loves them all - even if he hardly ever uses any of them.
Maybe it's an age thing :)
I saw her presenting the ultra-exciting candles TSV and she said that one would make a perfect present for the doctors receptionist who always manages to get you an appointment......I think the whole present thing is getting a little surreal now. :1:
who buys presents for teachers , receptionists, check out girl ,etc ,it just getting crazy now
I'm finding the selling pitches very off putting now ,the way we are told to try everything and send it back if it's not for you , as though it cost nothing to try:33: what about the P&P??
They (the presenters) are only doing their job...if you're daft enough to swallow their patter, then shame on you. I find it amusing more than annoying. I do object to deceit, however, and would be really upset if I am mis-sold something that is not exactly as described ie, gold plated and not solid gold...size not as shown on TV...not fit for purpose...etc, etc, etc. If the presenters want to embelish an item then that's their job and part of the fun of watching QVC, in my honest opinion
Debbie was selling a craft magnifying mirror this afternoon as a xmas gift and mentioned it would be perfect for checking your childrens hair for nits!!! An ideal christmas gift:11:

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