WOWZA! 8.7ct Paraiba Tourmaline


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Jul 4, 2008
WOW! The most amazing PT is on TJC now - never seen a colour like it. Is currently at 23,000 but dropping - if only i had won the lottery at the weekend!!! Hey ho. Hope it finds a good home!

Auction ended at 18999k (item number 605629 - dont know how to do links) but no one bought it which is a shame. Was so beautifully clear and a wonderful colour (never seen a colour like it) with no windows. Heck of a price but a great example of what a top quality PT looks like.
Did it close at £18,999?? Ridiculous price. :rolleyes: Only top quality flawless diamonds hold their value and are worth buying for investment purposes, if you can afford them that is, which I can't lol. :pPC:
It did close at 18999k - crazy money, PPC. Cant be many people who could drop 19k!!! Hey ho - was nice to look at and dream.....
Madness! I can't believe anyone paid that price - eeek! I bought a PT pendant in the same carat weight for a fraction of that price and the colour is the top neon swimming pool blue. Maybe someone would like to buy mine for £19k! :lolwave:

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