Wowweewowweee Tanzy ring!!!


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Beading Belle

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Jun 24, 2008
Many of you know I had to get this beauty when Barry showed it on air. A BIG THANKS to Tony. The ring is Stunning and its staying on my finger!!! One little whinge its bigger than a size N but its staying I am either going to get another plain band to sit next to it or get a ring clip! Don't want to send it for re sizing!

Here are the pictures. Also had a beautiful pearl and marcasite ring with this order.
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It's beautiful BH, details, details, how big is it??????

You can see I went mad taking photos. Had to in different lights. Can't wait to take more at night!!! This is staying on my finger :53:
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Love the pearl and marcasite ring, I've had my eye on that too!!!! Got a lovely pearl ring today from A. N. Other channel, my Mum & Dad bought me for our pearl anniversary.

It's beautiful BH, details, details, how big is it??????


Its I thnk AAA tanzy. Not deep blue in colour but very sparkly and lots of flashes of pink. Goes to a dark shade of purple blue in dark/dull day. In the sunlight its more purple but have seen different shades of blue/purple/pink depending on light. I think I saw a flash of red too!! The stone is clear and the colour evenly spread - I can't see tanzy colour all through the ring if that makes sense. You will see it on open day M4G.

6.69 grams of 18k white gold

1x 10x7.5mm Oval cut Tanzanite - 2.69 carats

4x2mm round cut diamonds from Africa - 0.13 carats
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M4g the pearl and marcasite is gorgeous. Lucky you Can you post pictures? You know I am noisy lol
agree on the triple A as not as a deep blue as quad A.
BUT it's a VERY GOOD pleochroism and so a good display of colours.
will u send it for valuation?

Health wearing it :) My alex won't come off my finger too....:30:
Oh wow BH that is stunning - wish u health and joy wearing it :) the tanzy is fab isnt it - that pearl andmarcasite is stunning i was quite blown away when i got mine on a whim xxx well done and merry christmas gazing into it lol xxx
Looking forward to seeing it BH. Can't post piccies at the mo., my computer is knackered. Brat fortunately managed to salvage all my data, so I'm waiting to get a new one. Don't want to load anything unnecessary on to OH's lappy.

Lovely Tanzy ring BH, the colour looks stunning, excellent size of gemstone too.

Glad you like the pearl ring also, I got it some time back and am very fond of it.

So, very well done on both counts! :)
My own tanzy...the one-and-a-half A (rofl)

mines much paler than urs, but i got it quite some years ago not in any channels LOL, and no match coz it's only a 1A in my opinion :31: just to share


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A beautiful ring BH its a fabulous colour, it looks AAA on my screen a very rich blue. You are going to enjoy wearing it for many years to come.

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