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Anyhow they are the 2 strand baroque pearl necklace and the 18" multi colour silver pearl necklace.
Pretty! Two I don't
I did bid on the two strand one the other day, got outbid while travelling home on the bus though!

Oh heck :52: I do hope that wasn't me Anne :33:
MrsM, my mum has both of those, in fact the two strand one just arrived today and it is so beautiful, might be borrowing that from her!!! :laughing:
It probably was - ya swine!!!
Of course, you could say it was just because I didn't bid high enough...
But no, let's blame you instead hahaha!!!
Frankly, I'm glad it's gone to someone who loves it! I will get it another time!
Bid higher next time Anne :22:
OO gorgeous, I like both of them a lot.

Keep em MrsM lol

I am Darls I'll buy sister and dil summat else.:22:
Hi, Have the second one and it really is lovely. Dare not buy more cos hubby will leave me I think. The delivery lady told him she had been here a lot lately so he is watching me .LOL
Thats no Christmas drink for that person,thought we women stuck together but it seems I was wrong.
Its such a tempting website and the items are lovely so don't think he can stop me as i am kinda addicted.
Exactly mrsm......they will never know!!:3:

Gorgeous necklaces........I have the 2 colour one myself,it's divine.

Enjoy them both........smellies are good prezzies anyways!!
They're gorgeous Mrs M, but aren't they a bit too classy for you:laugh::laugh:


lovely items - loving the pearlfest that's been going on recently. don't have them myself but will remedy that one day.

I know, I didn't even LIKE pearls and now i've got flipping LOADS including a normal pearl necklace (albeit giant 'pearls') after I swore I would never wear strings of pearls hahaha

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