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Jun 24, 2008
I was watching Rocks tonight as it was our John who was on and I saw this ring - 736 830 - look under Historic Product search. Can't get a link to work sorry.
The price it went for was £189.

I bought this ring which is identical in design but it's Rubellite instead of Pink Sapphire and is a very slightly lower carat weight but mine has a higher gold weight:- 246

Now I know they are different stones but Rubellite is not cheap and from what I've seen it sells for around the same price if not slightly more than sapphire.

Guess what I paid for mine back in February - £99!! Am I missing something here?
This is the very reason I am so cross that all the jewellery channels launch on Sky and never on Cable :tantrum:

The opening bargains are usually spectacular and by the time - if ever - they come to cable the prices have been hiked up and 'the good ole days' of bargains galore are well and truly over. :sad:

I am lucky enough, thanks to this site (Ta again Graham which proves the value of this wonderful place ;) ) to have been able to buy some lovely pieces with decent size gems from the beginning of this channel via the web, where now even lesser carat weights are considerably dearer.

So many times I have seen posters fall in love with a channel and it's great launch prices, only to fall out again when the party is over and the channel has to start making a decent profit. Sadly I am not in a position to help them do just that and a bit like the gambler who wins first time at the casino, I have grabbed my 'winnings' and left the building.

They do have some lovely pieces though and I will never say never again as I know I can't possibly be 'cured' :lol:

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