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If you entered the Coloured Rocks competition please could you check your In Box to see if you have won and send details by return.

Many thanks
Hi there,

Yes I am fessing up - I was the winner of the competition! Unfortunately I didn't find out until today thanks to delayed delivery of my emails! I opened up today and found stacks lurking there which weren't there yesterday!

Many thanks to Graham and CR for offering such a great opportunity and what looks to be a smashing weekend. The hunt for a companion is I never imagined I'd win.

Sammi xxx
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Congratulations sammi on winning the competition i'm sure everyone will be wishing you well and hope you will have a fab time please let us all know how you get on .
Well done, Sammi!

Hope you have a brilliant weekend ....

and a full report on Monday, please!!
Congratulations to you too, Pepsidoodle! Have a great time .... Sammi will look after you!

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