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Jul 5, 2008
:1::1:I went into town today for a few things and i happened to be wearing my marcasite braclet NH074 paid £30 for it last week and a marcasite pendant MH879 which I paid £10 for back in october and i think they go together quite nicely although i do have the matching necklace SH707 to the braclet £58 but a bit more for the evening i feel Anyway to get to the point i went past a jewellers and looked in the window and they had my marasite necklace on a bust priced at £325.00! so i decided to go in and ask about it and showed her i had the braclet already and she was very attentive i think she thought i might be in the market for the necklace as she did'nt know i already had it at home and the braclet was marked at £195.00 they had a lot of the same stuff as rocks in the cabinet in marcasite which is still on rocks web site and they had a lot of the amber stuff and some pearls very similar but omg the prices you would not believe the lady did comment on my pendant and said she had not seen the pendant before but had the same designe in a brooch but it was much much smaller and it was priced at £95.00 i thanked her very much for her time in showing me the jewellery and made a hasty retreat I think my trip to town done me good as i was taking rocks prices for granted far to much i feel but i am so happy!
Hello, it is sooo nice when you get a warm self gratifying feeling isn't it! You will enjoy your pearls even more now.
Happy wearing! :)

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