Window magic cleaning system


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I bought one, really for the upstairs windows. I used to have one years ago which was vicious, but this one is smaller, so suits me better. I did the soak the blade in boiling water thing and have used it successfully. I find the trick is to have two small bowls of soapy water to keep them separate - it's still quite diff if they snap together, but not as fearsome as the old set I had. The clean is quite effective, but of course you can't get at the frames of the windows if you want to clean them - well I can't my arms are too short .... However as the window cleansers who have the monopoly around here are very poor anyway, and don't wipe over the window sills or frames, I reckon this is a good alternative. I found I had to be quite cautious (remembering the old set!) and get the knack to start with.

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