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Jan 7, 2009
WHY is something now showing in my basket as:


It was only 20 minutes after I successfully added the item that this message appeared, has anyone else had this problem. I am so angry as I had been watching Rocks for days for this item to re-appear!
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This has happened to me several times and it is extremely frustrating! I had a long conversation with Andrew (from R&C) today. Apparently the web system doesn't always work properly so it is best to bid on the phone. The problem is there is a time lag between the auction, website and phones. If someone bids on the phone at the same time as you bid on the web, the item will go in both your baskets but the time lag will mean that the telephone bidder will get the goods before you do because the system registers their bid faster.

The systems are being rebuilt and should launch at the end of this month (it may be a little bit later) and the hope is this will rectify the problem.
Indeed Mrs James. I am already getting fed up. First an item that takes ages to arrive (and still has not) although Andrew from R&C has promised me it is on it's way and now after days of watching, they whip my item from me! I refuse to check out as soon as I add something my basket because then I have to pay another p&p. That is another thing that annoys me too, the p&p only being on that particular basket when you may buy several items in the same day or the next. I had a delivery on Wed, 2 parcels, one delivery and again the same yesterday, now why could they have not changed for only one wed and one yesterday :12: I also think that the basket time is not long enough.
Yes T1ger there are quite a few people on here that have had this problem including myself when I rang customer services about it was told check out straight away each time - then ring customer services following day and ask for refund for extra postage charges!!! system really needs to be better than it is at the moment hope when there new ordering system is in operation it gets alot better than in currently is, think I have lost 3 items now to this particular problem:(
I PM'd Andrew a little while ago, fingers crossed that he can sort it out for me cause I really really wanted it!!!!!!!

Sorry to hear you have had the same problem too PandaBear
I had the same problem
I chose something on the web ... and put it in my basket yesterday pm
I am still waiting for a refund from Rocks but hubby (gave in) - let me take money out of our account, was there for the bank opening this morning, took the money out, walked to my bank to deposit, was told it would take an hour or so to show up (now running late for work)
as soon as the money was in my account went online to pay for the ring ....
AND IT WAS GONE!!!! got the same message
argh!!! I know time flies by, but 24 hours SHOULD MEAN 24 HOURS!!!!!! not 21 and a bit (ring was still in basket when I left for work)
not sure what (if) I'll tell hubby
its very annoying!!!
Sorry to hear about that Faerie, if you have the item number contact customer services or email them at [email protected] I did this and they contacted me to say sorry and that they still had the item in stock. It is now on it's way to me with out p&p too because I was unable to include it the rest of my order. Hope you have some joy!


wish I had taken a note of the item no ... sniff :17::17:
will keep checking the web, might be on again .....
wish I had taken a note of the item no ... sniff :17::17:
will keep checking the web, might be on again .....

If you e-mail them a description, maybe they can find it for you? Or you could send a PM to Rocks & Co. COO on this forum - his name is Andrew and he's very helpful.
checked the web this morning... ring was back (refund also in bank ...very quick) so..bought ring (hopefully) still waiting for 2nd confirmation email...watch this space!!!
hi faerie, glad your item appeared back on website hope it all goes through ok for you they do seem to still be having problems with the website, hopefully very soon it should be easier than this. What have you ordered faerie? any piccies/item number:1:
am at work (so posting from mobile) ..item no is 296934
not got the 2nd mail yet..and money isnt 'out' of account...sigh
That's a really nice ring faerie like the cuprian tourmaline sorry don't know how to post links - maybe someone else on here does? (hopefully) I've got the same design ring in there tanzanian ruby and ring feels really nice & comfy to wear and really looks nice size. I've even got the 2nd email following day faerie so there's still hope! hope you get it
How do you look up the item code on Rocks because I can't ever find anything using the search on the top of the website?
T1ger at the bottom of the rocks webpage there is 'historic product search' click on that then type in the product number and it gives you all the details including picture:1:
.... checked my balance again, money still not 'on hold' - normally happens straight away, even before I get the 2nd email
so ...
egged on by a girl at work who has had nothing but problems, called customer service. dialled the number on the screen (in the contact customer service number) and its answered in 1 ring .... by SALES
who then ask which number I dialled, advised then customer service, asked which option I pressed- there werent any, told them it was answered on first ring... bit of confusion and then get put through to customer service.
tell them the whole story about the ring being in the basket then removed then being on the web and I ordered it this morning, that even though I hadnt had the 2nd email, surely the money should have been put on hold as this was what normally happened and ... was told...
we wont know what you ordered for 48 hours ... thats how long it takes to come up on our screens
sort of gave up at this point ... can feel a cancellation email being sent ... it wasnt an expensive piece ... that aint the point though is it
they are a new company who shold want to keep their customers before annoying more when they go to freeview .....

I dont think I am a serial complainer
given that I have had problems with EVERY order and I still try to order again ... am about to give up
it aint worth it ... :2:
Here you go - very pretty Faerie


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