Why is ideal world's delivery so slow?


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After experiencing appalling service both with delivery but mainly their joke of a customer Service.
I was persuaded to order an item on Sunday, early evening and though the order process took forever (I have a separate post anout that!)
The order was delivered early this afternoon!!!
To be fair they deliver in the same time scales as QVC and other shopping channels.

I think it is all down to second class postal service that they all now use.
To be fair their delivery charges are usually a lot less than QVC's, especially on fashion and buying 2 items with the same item number, QVC's postage charges are far too high and their delivery times are as long as IW's lately, and as for Bid-Up etc,, they deliver quickly but at £7.99 an item so they flipping should.
I have to say that I have found virtually all of my QVC deliveries have arrived within, and often well within their stated timescale, and in the 2 cases where something didn't appear they dealt with it immediately. Ideal World are VERY different - delivery is very hit or miss, their estimated delivery time statements often a work of fiction: my two most recent complaints about items going missing were shockingly handled, and it wasn't till I threatened them with my credit card company that they decided to listen to me. I was expected to wait 30 working days in total (and remember the only thing they always do very quickly is take the money from you!)before they would send out a complaint form, and their CS lied about taking action. The parcels were being delivered by Parcelnet (and I have a super local courier, so the problem wasn't there) so with the tracking system in place it would have been very easy for them to check the order status. I think I have finally cured myself of shopping with them!! Maybe they should look at what's happening in the big wide world, and take a look at their CS.

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