Who is this Guy on Bid?


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If he's the same person who's currently presenting then I've briefly seen him once before a few days ago. All I know is that his first name is Simon and his voice was a lot better when he was last on air :)
I'm not sure what his name is, he does speed auction on some mornings as well. I think he is a better presenter than some others.
Who was that guy on speed auction this morning? He seemed to be slurring his words :eek:
Simon Davies, people with young children may have seen him presenting Tikkabilla on CBeebies!
Simon used to present Tikkabilla on CBeebies! I had to do a double take the first time I saw him on air!
I don't usually watch this channel, but accidentelly just caught it and couldn't belive he was on here, having seen him on Tikkabila so often.

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