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Bling Hunter

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Oct 3, 2008
I normally really like Gems TV but recently every time I switch on there is a presenter with long dark hair, not sure who she is her name is not on the website, she is driving me mad and making the channel unwatchable. I have spent thousands with Gems TV and I am so dissapointed that this presenter is on so much.

Been lurking here for years but getting so annoyed I had to make a post and come out of the shadows.
:1:Hi Bling Hunter and a warm welcome from me too!!!

I think it's Lucy who you are talking about, she is on Gems 1 now...
I believe she and Drew Nichols are an item!

I'm sure someone else will come along and help you out too.

Mirabelle :40:
:1:Bling hunter...you made me laugh lol!!!..

Saddly I think it's with all the cut backs and Gems 2 ony being on 2pm-11pm daily now...
I know two of the presenters are away on honeymoon Lynne & Rod they got married on 21st September so Lucy could be filling in.

Mirabelle :40:
Warm welcome to you Bling Hunter. I lurked for ages, too. I think my first post was over something I felt strongly about and only intended to do that once....over 150 posts later, here I am
Welcome to the forum from me too Bling Hunter.
I have to agree totally with your comments, although I'm disillusioned with Gems for a myriad of reasons. I hoped for a return to the good old days for a long time, but have now given up completely. Have you tried Rockstv yet - I really enjoy that now.

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