who has influenced you the most on QVCich presenter


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Oct 3, 2008
africa on mission, but usually in london
of ALL the presenters on Q, who has influenced you the most?
for me, it is alison young.
she really has educated me on matters of skin care.
i feel that i now know so much about my skin, that i can open my own salon for me!!!!!:32::1:
alison young inpaticularlyabout l'occitane. when i went to the shops to smell the products i was smitten. plus the fact it is so affordable on qvc i am hooked.

susie adams northern night. even though i am not convinced it is as luxurious as qvc say i have a down duvet and i can say that the difference is amazing with the weight in relation to a feather duvet and a polyseter one.for the bedding to be as luxurious as the high street the fabric would wash better,be a heavier weight and not crease like billyho
Agree with Alison Young. Much as i find her irritating, she is very informative.
Powers of persuasion, i would say Pippa or Sara as they seem to have similar tastes to me in jewellery, clothes etc
Alison Young...through her inane wittering and raving,she has managed to convince me that there is no miracle cure for anything via a pot of cream, and my hard earned cash is better spent elsewhere!!!
How can a true "beauty expert" love and endorse every product?
Another vote for Alison Young.
However,after watching QVC for a few years and trying different brands I think you become more discerning and choose the items that suit you and are no longer influenced by AY's recommendations.
I am proud to report none of them have ever influenced me.
I agree with you I can make my own decisions without being influenced by someone who says every product sold on QVC is the best and a must have. What rubbish.
Alison Young has probably been responsible for introducing me to brands like L'Occitane and Bare Escentuals, but I wouldn't say she influences me, as like others have said, you couldn't possibly believe her endorsement of every product.

I do quite admire Pipa's style, but again, I don't think I'm particularly influenced by any of them - I'm too "me"!!
To be honest I don't feel Alison "educates". As far as I can see, she is there to flog whatever she's given and most people seem to be getting wise to that now.
despite all the negatives, for me, it is allison...i think i can forgive her most things as i can see that she is basically a very insecure woman and that insecurity is something that i can relate to - although i am not as bad as i could be, i will quite easily spend ridiculous amounts of money on products that i think are miracles in jars. i think i have a combination of pity, sympathy and empathy for her, and although i will sometimes get very hacked off when she is a little less than honest, she is the reason i started shopping with qvc and continue to do so (even if i now buy a fraction of the amount!)
I don't think that any qvc presenter would influence me - they are all salespeople just trying to sell whatever product they are presenting at the time.

I agree I have picked up tips from AY and enjoy watching to learn beauty tricks- but I wouldn't say that she has 'influenced' me.
When I first started watching QVC back in 1997, it was AY. But as time has passed I have come to realize she is a sales woman and only recommends products which QVC sell. Now she more a celeb name dropper than anything else. With the idea if we here so and so uses this we will of course buy it. :20:
Its got so old now, we hardly get any info about the actual products and how to use them.
Julia roberts, because despite the 'small' thing, i truly believe that she shows that true beauty is a smiling face and being approachable.

luv jr for that

also pippa for well, just being pippa and a bit 'quirky'

beauty prods deffo ali young for l'occitane at last a bath shower prod that does not take my skin off

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