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Aug 25, 2008
Hi ev1,

Just been on Rocks and there is no catalogue for today's items? Has the catalogue been knocked on the head anyone know?

So there isn't!

I suppose with the new request system, when you can now pre-bid on any item on the CR site, there's no point in having the catalogue.
It was there at midnight as I looked to see what was coming up today but it does seem to have disappeared now.
It's happened before when they are updating things or changing something ....
Glad its not just me having a blonde moment then lol Wonder if its gone for good or if it will re-appear later ...
Hi all

MissMagpie is correct, with the new request system, there seemed little point in having the schedule and it just was not getting used. Also, with more and more special hours coming up, the schedule conflicted with these.

Don't forget, i a have some amazing new gems to show you at 3pm today, some I GUARANTEE you will not have seen before. And tomorrow, i will re-launch Lorique


Very sensible to get rid of the catalogue - I had wondered when it would go!

I'm sorry I'll be missing the loose gems hour - but, as we know, Daz is going to be buying ALL of them before the price crashes anyway...
The catalogue was the last way I had of bidding as I can't watch

The new request button actually allows you to create your own personal auction catalogue of up to 10 items per day. You select your items and then put a pre-bid on in exactly the same way as for the old auction catalogue. You can pick the hour you want or leave it asap if you are watching/ don't mind.

If you are able to bid, you can put a low bid in so that you can see the item and then bid higher if you decide you really want it.

Admittedly there are still a few technical teething problems with the system which are a little frustrating at the moment but IMAO all in all it is an excellent idea.

That said I must admit to feeling nostalgia for the old auction catalogue as I used to delay going to bed untilthe next day's catalogue was up for a quick browse of delights to come.
i looked the other day and saw that catalogue was gone i personally think it a shame i looked each day to see what was on whether i needed to watch at a certain time.never a lover of pre bids or bidding, as it was if it was a price i liked i went for it, as it is now i cant see the item before placing a pre bid, photos do not tend to give you a perspective of size and who in their right minds is going to bid on something unseen to the eye this is just my opinion and i am sure that there are a few out there that will disagree happy bling buying to you all
It has pros and cons. I had pre bid on an item and when it came up Jaime said that he could'nt take it as low as I had bid, so I had the option of buying or not. Yesterday morning, I put another bid on the new lapis lazuli pendant, the same price it had gone for the previous day, as I was going to be out most of the afternoon, I had an e.mail saying that it could'nt be done, for what reason I don't know, I assumed they were perhaps all gone. When I logged on last night I had won it !!! They must still have a few glitches in the system, but all and all I think it is a better way.
They just need to work out a way of people requesting to see an item without being commited to buy.

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