Where is LG make up made ?


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I have never used any of this brand and the foundation looks really dark but i want to know where its made please ?
I have just checked a Bronze and Brighten and it says "Distributed by LG New York" no country of origin. The baked products are supposed to be made in Italy but the compacts could be assembled in China using Italian make up pans.
They use the words Italian quite a lot, even Stacey in her range. But I think the idea came from Italy originally and LG and MP/YBF are made in China.

Lets be honest if it was made in Italy with the euro etc no way could they sell the products for the prices they do. So unless they say live on air we make our powders etc in Italy and not just Italian baked, its China.

Smashbox is made in USA and Canada the package and brushes for the TVSs come from China. I asked Daniel from Smashbox about this, he said it was cheaper to just get the package made in China.
Taken from the QVC US :42: site for today's TSV set:

"Brushes/sponge made in China; All else made in Italy/USA "

I always check items' origins (and other info) on the US site as they seem to list this info as a matter of course.

Mind you, if you're worried about carbon footprints I'd be concerned about make up which, once made in Italy, is shipped to the US and then to the UK. (unless they have the sense to ship direct from Italy (doubtful).

Jude xx
Laura has been going on about how she was in the factory in Italy watching it being made, so at least the baked products are made in Italy - don't know about the lipsticks, mascaras etc?
I just had a check of a random selection of LG products on QVC US :42: and the only mention of China refers to packaging and applicators, the products themselves originate variously from USA, Italy, Gemany (pencils) and France.

The lipsticks and mascaras are made in the US, hth.

Jude x

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