Where is Derek?


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Awww heck!!

OH NO!!!

Nobody's said anything..........mysmilie_1476

I thought he loved his job there!

Was it the journey back and fore that was getting too much??
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I'll bet he was too scrupulous for them. I can't see Derek being happy at having to trot out the same old rubbish the rest of 'em do. He's very young and hopefully will do well in whatever he is doing/does.

If you read this by any chance DEREK, all the best for your future.

I don't venture on to GTV much nowadays but so sorry to see that Derek is no longer there :(

He was one of the better and more watchable presenters.

Just hope now that Scott doesn't go because I do not think I would ever have a reason to view!!

Derek........whatever you are up to I wish you well:10:
I'm shocked... just thought he must be on his hols..... Derek is eminently watchable... always enjoyed seeing him... hope he either turns up somewhere else on TV in a FAB job, or at least goes on to something else that he really loves.... fingers crossed for success for Derek!!
I preferred watching Derek to all of the others and it's a great loss. Perhaps he was too honest and outspoken for GEMSTV?? :rolleyes: I do hope he turns up on another channel. :pPC:
I have heard from Derek and from what he has said as he wasnt contractually tied to gems tv both the company and Derek had decided that their working relationship had gone as far as it possibly could. Derek does alot of freelance work so im sure we will see him again soon. He is greatly missed by me as a veiwer as i know he is by many of you here.

Been wanting to say that for over a week!

GemsTV lose the plot, in my very humble opinion!
and they can shove their latest load of old tat where the sun don't shine.

This old rubbish reminds me of the time, when he was new, that the crew tried to trick him into presenting something out of a Christmas cracker. Probably just as well he won't be doing these disposa - sorry - collectables, cos he'd think it was another lark.

Argey :4:

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