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Jun 29, 2008
Ordered a pair of curtains last Sunday and since tuesday the order status has been Order in progress with an estimated delivery date of 15th October. Today the estimated delivery date has been changed to 25th. Way back in the Summer I had problems with a Kenwood product and told CS to cancel the order and refund my monies which they eventually did. Said I'd never order from them again but wanted this type of curtain and they were a lot cheaper than I'd seen them elsewhere.

I presume that these must be coming direct from the manufacturer ( and judging by the slowness of despatching them perhaps they are making them to order. I don't get any satisfaction riinging CS as they seem to have a set patter and won't listen to what I say.

I will never order anything from them again.

Well I think I've learnt my lesson this time
As I have said in a previous post. I only order if I really want something that can't be found elsewhere ( that's not too often ). Having ordered I then forget about it and when it finally comes it is like a nice surprise. I have to do this for the sake of my nerves. I do not telephone them or email. IW are you listening????? Surely you do not want a single customer feeling this way?!!!
It does look like IW are holding less stock than they did in the past. Not sure if it is a cash flow problem?
I think they should not take orders if the stock is not available.

But this is IW.

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