When Is This Thing Happening and Where?


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I think it’ll be on Freeview channel 79, but it’ll mean my rescanning the Freeview box and I don’t think that I can be bothered to do it for yet another shopping channel. 🙄
It appears it’s going to be IW2 just under a different name

Shop on Tv - Ideal Shopping Direct/Ideal World with a new name, bunch of shysters as before

TJC's Ideal World - Ideal World/Ideal World 2 using an old name, bunch of shysters as before

Seen on TV - Ideal World/Ideal World 2 using a new name, prediction another channel of shysters. ;)

I don't know why anybody expects anything different from these channels, I know folks like some of the presenters and not everyone of them is a shyster, but facts are facts, these new channels (and expect seen on tv to be the same) have the original Ideal Shopping Direct's ethos and morals but in a different setting. Just one big merry-go-round for the same shysters, both in front and behind the cameras.

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