What's your favourite gemstone?


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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
I know we've had this topic before under other channels, but it's always fun to discuss which are our favourite gems (and why)!

Mine has to be rainbow moonstone - I love it more than all the tanzanite, paraiba tourmaline and diamonds in the world, and I have lots in my collection. I love the etherel blue schiller, and the fact that it's always completely untreated - it takes only the cutter's art to bring out its incredible natural beauty.

I'm not aware of ANY jeweller other than Gems TV and Rocks & Co (and to a small extent Rocks TV) selling top quality, unincluded faceted moonstone set into fine jewellery - if anyone knows different, please tell me!!!
Tough tough question! I've got a weakness for colour change gemstones (Alexandrite, Garnet, Sapphire etc) or an "interesting gemstone" ie one that has great colour saturation and out performs or looks different to "normal" gemstones! I find the older I get, the fussier I get and now I look for cut over everything else and won't buy a less well cut gemstone.

So I guess my favourites are well cut, highly saturated gemstones and if possible treatment free (with the exception of heat)! An unusual cut is a bonus!
My favourite has to be Sapphires - every colour. I have blue, pink, yellow, orange, green and sunset but I really want a "proper" Padparadscha and not one of those 'pretend' ones!! I've seen the stone I'd like to have set - 4.98 carats but there's one little problem - the price tag of $22,410 and that's just for the sapphire!!!



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Rainbow moonstone, opal, labradorite - anything with schiller and iridescence...I prefer "semi-precious" stones with unusual markings, like malachite, to the big four - don't care about diamonds! I like chequerboard faceting on lemon quartz...garnets if they have fire in them. I don't normally go for red either, but having seen R&C's AAA Tanzanian rubies, the colour and sparkle are amazing, so I'm including them!
Fav Gems

I'm with you Mesh..I lover interesting gems like Alexandrite. R & C have a nice Alexandrite pendant on their web site, I'm waiting to see if they air it and what the price will be.
My overall favourite is tanzanite, but I also love more interesting stones: opal, moonstone, colour change stones (except zultanite which doesn't really appeal to me, but perhaps I just haven't seen a really good one), and anything with cats' eyes or stars. Do love a beautiful diamond as well.
Favourite gemstone

I own lots of jewellery but most of it to date has been the usual (sapphires, diamonds, garnets, rubies, onyx, etc). Semi-precious gems are relatively new to me but they are just beautiful. I especially love kunzite. I love the look of it and the way it glows and becomes more intense in colour when the lights go down. It's definitely an evening jewel - I think sunlight fades it (I just bought one so that was worth knowing!).

I also have to give a big shout out to Brazilian fire opals - and to the beautiful red sapphire ring that was sold a couple of days ago for several thousand pounds. I drooled over that thing (I need to find me a sugar daddy, for sure!). :9:
Love, love, love my rainbow sapphires, but I have to say my Tanzanite is my favourite at the moment.

Diamonds will always be my first choice. :lock1: Having said that I adore sapphires but particularly Kashmir and Ceylon and I have a couple of beauties....not from the channels though. :pPC:
I love my opals , mexican,jelly, ethiopian fire , mintabie, black, white all ofi like to look at the firework display of a reallygood sphene as well....love my yellow diamond as well oh and..oh and !!!! oops bought too many to list...

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