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Jun 24, 2008
Is it just me or has Gems TV become boring and predictable recently?

Every time I watch it seems to be the same old same old. The Silver Specials they've been having every night at midnight have been full of the same items. The falling auctions seem to be the same stuff going round and round, obviously not selling but the prices are staying the same. We've all been pleased to see their new shop but shocked at the high prices.
A lot of the new items seen here in the New Items thread have never been aired yet we've been overdosed on Topaz!!

Even some of the presenters have gone downhill - I've never seen so many dirty fingernails in my life and that's the female presenters I'm talking about! On the subject of the female presenters - why oh why do 99% of them feel it's necessary to shout and bawl?!! That really does my head in! As for the constant comparing prices to the High Street or the Internet (complete with pictures of a totally different item!) please stop doing this. It hints of desperation and won't make any difference to whether someone buys an item or not. Let your pieces and prices speak for themselves.

Talking about prices, why are a lot of the silver pieces nearly the same price as their gold equivalent? I bought 2 pendants to go with 2 silver rings I got recently but the pendants are white gold and they were only a couple of pounds dearer than silver!

Sorry for having a rant but I've spent a small fortune with Gems and used to really enjoy watching but now I'm really getting turned off!

Come on Gems, with new competition on the horizon you really need to get your act together.
I'm sad to say I agree with you Klos. I rarely watch much these days and am usually uninspired when I do. From my point of view I think it's just that I need a break/change. As with anything it get's stale after a while.

I find it impossible to watch some of the presenters, again because I've heard the spiel so many times, my problem not theirs as it must be difficult to think of new ways of presenting when you've been doing it for years.

When they delivered the new website they had the opportunity to have a sale section and rid themselves of the chaff. Maybe they can't afford to do that and are just holding out for an ignorant new buyer to rid them of the regulars most of which we've probably all returned at some point!

The shop was a brilliant idea but you don't need much knowledge to see how much more expensive things are. Surely they are better off selling more items at a lower price and keeping us as happy customers than making us seethe at being charged prices above what even the PS service are charging. I don't like being taken for a mug by anyone, especially as you pointed out Klos, by someone you've spent a considerable amount of money with.

No smilies, I'm not in the mood....:( ok just one.
Reading through your threads i have to say i feel exactly the same I've been with gems since the very beginning and have bought hundreds of pieces of jewellery from them quite a lot of stuff have been gifts etc but i havent bought anything since this recall fiasco as i was one of the unfortunate people caught up in it and mine had been a special gift and there attitude stank ,I had discovered coloured rocks by this time so I'm a really happy bunny again but its no more gemstv for me im afraid
I agree with everything said above. I recently filled in the Gems online questionnaire and I was very honest about how I now feel. I thought they might contact me as an old customer to find out more, but I haven't heard anything. Maybe they just bin negative comments now?
Then I discover they've started selling Burmese rubies! However, there hasn't been much of a reaction to that on this forum as opposed to the furore aimed at TJC (and rightly so in my opinion). Is this double standards or do forum members (myself included) just still have a deeply buried nostalgic affection for Gems dating from the good old days that forgives them these sins? Sadly, times have really changed, but are we not being a little hypocritical?
I remember all the slanging matches that went on when anyone dared critisize Gems TV in the past...I must admit I didn't post anything then as I was afraid I'd be hounded out of the forum for being anything other than positive :D Times have changed and there have been a lot of negative posts that have been given 100% support :confused: I must admit I feel no loyalty to any particular source of my jewellery other than to say I am a complete gems slut and will be glad to spend my money where ever I get great jewellery. After saying that I would never buy Burmese rubies knowingly or any other gem stone that has not been sourced from safe sources.

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