what's happened to gems 2?


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Jul 12, 2008
darn sarf
noticed last night and this morning that gems 2 and gems 1 are showing the same

has caroline leaving left them short of presenters

seems very strange - and scott hasn't mentioned anything about problems on gems 2

Hiya VP, just took a look at GemsTV after reading your post and Scott is on both channels ,as you say.

I noticed last night that Gems 1 and 2 had combined, but assumed this was because they had a 2hr (or slightly less) Coloured Diamond special on....and wanted to concentrate viewers attention on this.

So perhaps they are short of presenters and on another note I saw Nick was replacing Angeline in her usual daytime slot.
Has she not returned to our screens after her honeymoon?
I think they may be short of presenters at the moment, maybe holidays still going on? I too notice that Fi and Scott are covering both channels.
Klosblue.....Maybe they're feeling the pinch and cutting down to one channel ?.....

My thoughts too Klosblue!!!!?...
has anyone heard anything at all why there is no Gems2 ???
I thought the same thing Klos. Is anyone actually buying from Gems anymore? It's been very quiet in this forum for a while now. :tumbleweed:
Gems 2 is back on now. I haven't bought from them for a while now and at the current prices I can't see that changing.

Supercoolwillow - If it was up to me the job would be yours!
If you can give us some really good deals Ian.........you're on! :D

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