What you think easyyo...any good for slimmers?


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Jun 24, 2008
Never tried easyyo but love yoghurt....trying to be healthy at the moment so obviously do not want to overdo it with the calories.

Just wanted some opinions on it...anyone know how it is for fat and calories? Taste and best place to buy?

All opinions appreciated!
I love the Greek Yoghurt and also buy individually at Julian Graves or from Yoghurt Direct in bulk which then has free p&p. I've got a packet of low fat Greek which I gather is fairly new, just picked up from Julian Graves. 100g made up is 66 calories with 0.9g of Sat Fat, total fat 1.3g per 100g. It does say that a serving size is 200g giving 5 helpings per packet.
I love the Greek too and find EasiYo really helps my horrible acid reflux and generally calms my stomach down.
I buy mine from this website as it's free P+P though you can get it from Julian Graves too as others have said.

I buy mine in my local co-op deparment store they are cheaper than Julian Graves, and have more variety.
I checked on Slimming World for you, they all have a low or no 'syn value' which is an indicator they are good for weight loss, but watch your portion size if they have a syn value.

  • Banana - 3 1/2 syns per 100g
  • Berry Low Fat - 1/2 syn per 100g
  • Bio Life reduced fat - 1 syn per 100g
  • Drinking Yogurt Mango or Wildberry - 3 1/2 syns per 100 ml
  • Greek Yogurt -1/2 syns per 100g
  • Greek & Honey 2 1/2 syns per 100g
  • Natural - 1 syn per 100g
  • Organic - 1 1/2 syn per 100g
  • Slimmers -free
  • Strawberry normal - 3 syns per 100g
  • Strawberry low fat - free
  • Vanilla Low fat - free

I was put off by some of the Saturated Fat contents of the flavours and have gone back to shop bought fat free whilst I am trying to lose weight as every little extra counts. However after looking at this I might think again about some flavours.
Must admit bought my last lot form
whal on offer. Though will go back to my Co-op department store.
www.wahlshop.co.uk is the best site for easiyo. You can choose your own flavours,and don't have to have pre-determined packs. So if you prefer certain varieties, or it also gives you the opportunity to try different flavours.
Good price point as well.

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