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Sev's Mum

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Jun 24, 2008
In the middle of nowhere
Hi, I need some advice regarding a ring which I purchased from QVC in May 2008. I've just looked at it and noticed that one of the small stones are missing. So I called QVC and told them, and they said they will send me a reply paid envelope and I am to return it to them for a full refund - including the p & p. The customer services person that I spoke to said that unfortunately this ring is no longer available, but I noticed on the QVC website that it is still available on last clicks, but only in two sizes, both of which will not fit me.

It is a really lovely ring and I'm tempted to keep it and get the small stone replaced, but then again, should I buy the ring in a larger size and get it re-sized? The original price I paid was nearly £100, but in last clicks it's now on sale at £65. I don't know what to do - any ideas anyone?
Do you have the item number, Sev's Mum? I'd say get the 'last clicks' one resized, if possible, as it depends on the setting and how many sizes up or down you will have to go, and also ask them to check the setting for loose stones at the same time. It will still be cheaper than the full price of the one you are sending back. I doubt very much it will cost more than £30 tops.
if the stone came out once it could do in another one. Also you will need a good jeweller to replace a stone and make it a good match. Will you look at the ring and spot which stone is replaced. Some settings don't handle resizing well, anything with tension or channel for a start.
That's what I was wondering about the re-sizing, would it loosen the stones. Maybe I should just send it back, have a refund and not purchase again. It's a shame as I love the ring, but maybe it would be a safer in-case it happens again. I noticed on one of the reviews for the ring, one person sent it back as a stone was missing. Thanks for your replies.
if the stone came out once it could do in another one.

That would've been my first thought too tbh. Personally it would make me a bit paranoid for ever more & would spoil the enjoyment of any replacement, as I would be forever peering at it & wondering if another stone was going to drop out at some point! :(
Thats good service from QVC I bought a tanzanite ring from gemstv and a ston fell out after 9 months and I had only worn it a handful of times when I contacted them they gave me the number of a jeweller to ring to get the stone replaced at my cost! so I have a very nice white gold ring with a stone missing
My first thought is are you sure the last clicks rings won't fit you? What I mean is that I buy most of my QVC rings through last clicks so I have all sorts of sizes. So long as I don't get too fixated on which finger I want to wear it on it's not usually a problem. It was just a thought...

I'm not sure how secure the stones would be after resizing, especially if you've already had problems with losing a stone. If the sizes on last clicks are too big you can get these little rubbery tube type things to slip over the back of rings so that they fit a little more snugly.

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