What will you be wearing...


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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
...to the open day?

I mean bling of course, not clothes!

I have a necklace and earrings from RocksTV that are really only suitable for evening wear, but I'm contemplating wearing them anyway for fun...
...of course we all expect M4G to turn up in nothing but her bling...

:11: You mean I'll have to wear clothes!!!!!

I might have to rethink the whole trip!!!

If you're wearing something eveningy, I might go for broke and wear all my marcasite!!!

As I'm very much into chocolate browns and tans at the moment, I'll probably wear my smokey & lemon quartz bracelet.

Madwoman you'd better be wearing some clothes when you come to collect me cos I don't want to have to post bail for you if we get stopped by the police!
By the law of averages something ought to go with something else!

Got loads of rings and pendants but no Rocks earrings so had to get some! Silver hoops with pearls, they sort of go with my big Tookalon pendant with the silver half-circles...didn't want to wear all pearls...multigem bracelet (the one that's too long - had it shortened...)...Garnet hedgehog 'cos it fits middle finger so I can wear another on 3rd finger - was going to be multigem but as I want to wear the moonstone bracelet on that wrist, it doesn't go, so have to be garnet only on that hand which means my solitaire garnet...Or could wear mooonstone on the other wrist and multigem on that one so can wear multigem ring...

Phew...hard work this choosing wot to wear...:33::54:
It was a relief to discover that everyone was in fact wearing clothes... M4G took some pics, which I think she's planning to post on here!

It was great to meet some of the forum members in the flesh (though not inappropriate amounts of flesh, as above).

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