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Mar 3, 2009
In the middle of nowhere!!
Did anyone happen to watch Silver Saturday? In one part there was a ring for sale - rubies and yellow sapphire - OOMG! it was HIDEOUS, it was massive, from the base of the finger to almost the end of the finger, and it looked like a great big yellow grub lying on a bright red tongue - and it cost £297.00 (yes, £297.00) apparently it was designer! Well designer didnt cross my mind, I thought, if anyone bought me that, I wouldnt know whether to laugh or cry! (I wouldnt pay £2.97 for it!) the image of that ring has disturbed me lol I dont know if there is anyone insane enough out there to actually wear it in public - if you caught someone, accidentally about the face with it, you would scar them, for life most probably! there is the cocktail look and then there is the cocktail look, this was so ott, it put me off. There sorry just had to tell someone - i think i need therapy now. lol :cheeky:
Didn't see it, PG, but on the face of it rubies and yellow sapphires doesn't sound like a good look - especially not in silver...

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