What presenters are good and easy listening for you


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Aug 14, 2009
Surrounding some slight negativity around a presenters blog - lets have some postives!

As the title says - what presenters and guests are good for you?

I like gilly halliday and pippa - they seem very normal and down to earth.I really like sara - shes really informative and easy listening.

I like all the guys - charlie and craig seem very normal and dale's quite humourous.I like julian for his love of his nan!

I think catherine's a bit like a mum on the ptfa - very enthusastic!

As for guests,I think susie adams has an easy listening voice - she reminds me of my aunt,so thats probably why I like her!

Can't think of anymore at the mo - I'm sure they'll come to me!
I like Pipa ... especially since she accepted me as a friend on facebook:wink2:

Catherine Huntely declined me as a friend:sad: .. so I have no other option other than to turn off qvc when she is on lol ( joking) I have forgiven her now :tongue2:
It's Alison Young for me. I'm a massive fan. I know that this makes me a bit "special" round here! :D

Both Kim Mendleson (sp) and Denis from Ojon have that sort of rhythmic repetition which I find curiously relaxing - right up to the point when the nice man on the phone says "Your order has been placed...." :eek:

The shipping forecast on Radio 4 has the same effect on me. :blush:
I too like all the guys - I think my favourites are Julian and Craig.

As for the girls, I actually like Kathy as she's very down to earth (even if she does waffle a bit lol) and I also like Pipa when she's not repeatedly saying "yeah yeah yeah yeah".
I especailly like Pippa & Sara.

I can listen to everyone else except Anne, Claudia, Catherine although i can only deal with small doses of Jill and Claire before my mind turns to candy floss!
I like Julia and Alison. I find most of the others hard work to watch. Although Alison has got a very shrill voice I find she makes ma smile more than most of the other presenters. None of the men are amongst my favourites.
I like Pippa, despite her yeah, yeahs.
Of the women, I find Julia, Gilly and Claudia to be the most prepared, who appear, to me, to have done their homework and know what they are talking about. I don't have strong opinions about the men though I have doubts that Craig was the best they could find.
Julian makes me smile and I really don't mind his reminiscences, despite the teasing remarks I made on another thread.
I have hyperacussis and find shrill voices painful and disturbing so AY could be the best salesperson in the world but I wouldn't know because I have to watch with the sound completely off, not even muted. Kim Mendlesson too, though I famously buy her black trousers, I have to watch as if she's in a Silent Movie. I have never ever watched RJ, so can't comment.
Julia (my favourite:flower:), Catherine, Pippa, Sarah, Claudia, Jilly, Kathy & Pippa for the "girls" & Julian, Dale, Simon & Anthony for the "boys".

I think it must be a difficult place to be the newbie so Craig, bless him, gets a :star: for trying so hard.:hi:
I like Craig because he talks like me, same accent. lol ! I don't know where he comes from but I live right on the border of Devon and Cornwall and sound a lot like him.:cheeky:
I like Craig because he talks like me, same accent. lol ! I don't know where he comes from but I live right on the border of Devon and Cornwall and sound a lot like him.:cheeky:

Lovely accent, one of my favourites!
Depending on my mood, I like most of them. Yes, even Shouty Alison Young can send me into a trance on the odd occasion. I think they all have their good points and if I can watch without buying, so much the better.
I can watch all of them .. but I do have to turn off when JF is on and also Jilly Halliday... I agree they do have their good points except the above mentioned :cheeky:.. as for watching without buying, I have that down to a fine art :angel:... I do buy... but I also like it on in the background and I have found that I do learn a fair bit ... especially from the beauty shows
Anthony Heywood is the definitely the one for me, he always seems to have a non-pushy style and not rushed or over excited as others can get; especially like cooks essentials where I could watch just for the entertainment value. Graig also seems to have an honest ways about him; or should I say you can tell when he is spouting the QVC line.
Pipa, Catherine, Sara and Anthony are my faves - though tbh most of them I don't mind at all. Catherine has been really kind to me the last few months on a personal level, and I really rate her as a presenter and also as 'herself', she's a true gem and always has time for others despite all the sadnesses she's gone through. Pipa I love, she is so unique and I love her whimsical style. Sara is so elegant and has a wicked sense of humour too. Anthony, is tottylicious has a twinkle in his eye and makes me laugh.
MY favourite by far is Alison Young - I like her humour and her sales tactics! I alos find Kathy and Julia easy to listen to.
As this is a positive thread I shall close now .......:angel:
I really like to watch: Debbie, Kathy, Anthony, Sara, Simon, Leonie, Jilly and most of the time Pipa (I'm sure others as well). I don't quite enjoy Anne. I don't really like: Alisons, Jill, Claudia, and find Catherine because she is always over-agreeing with everything everyone says and comes over too good to be true. :wonder2:
I Like Debbie & Alison Keenan. Can't stand Charlie (he's sweet but what a bore), can't listen to Ali Young & Julia is very professional but her ego gets on my nerves.

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