What have you resisted lately?!


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Aug 14, 2009
I'm trying to be good because I really want to have a look at the emu tsv and I always want the kipling tsv........I have resisted lately bracelet on gold day,mally tsv,the centigrade tsv and I quite fancy todays tsv in the grey!!

Can't have eveything though ....can you:angel: I always try to think if I walked round a dept store,I would never buy all these things and in a dept store you have to make a decision!

Now I've had "The Letter",I now won't try things - whereas in the past I would have bought all the above and then made a decision once I'd recieved it all..............more often than not,I may have kept the lot,so its QVC's loss:tongue2:
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On QVC ... there's nothing TO resist!! None of its tickled my fancy.

On JBD though, well that's another matter. Lots on there I want but can't really justify at the moment as I have a ton of stuff to use up.
l'occitane and yankee candles yesterday that I dont need anyway
and the centigrade coat did look nice but I was put off by the collar

just have to take a look under my bed at the stash of beauty stuff and candles I have put away and I then feel daft
I have got lots of pressies there though so it wont all go to waste!!!!!!!!!!
l'occitane 3 ultra rich body cream set; grey quartz tsv necklace and bracelet set.
Ive been good and not bought anything for a while......BUT this month there is Kipling to resist and Prescriptives to resist.......dont know how good i'll do, might need to call in the F.A.R.T.S
Nothing at all has got me excited but Px and Kipling may test me a wee bit. May need to do extra f.a.r.ting then.
Have managed to resist the Kathy Van Zeeland handbags, also B Makowsky handbags although that was really a struggle, but I sucummed to Honora pearls and bought myself a ring.....
Resisted two Honora necklaces, Tiffany style lamps, the grey quartz TSV (that would have been my choice too Mariecat) and Mally discovery kit.
Nothing at all has got me excited but Px and Kipling may test me a wee bit. May need to do extra f.a.r.ting then.

I can support you there loveheart no probs x
kipling tsv looks nice but I dont need it and have already decided to avoid buying
the prescriptives one would only be of interest if it had the calyx fragrance in and it wont so I wont be indulging either!
Well \I have been a "very good girl" not bought anything for ages !!, well I did try and order the sonic toothbrush but it hasnt turned up, so I got one elsewhere !.:flower:
I've been resisting less and still buying less. I am finding resisting easier as time goes on. I have been tested on most types of items now and I have an argument against most of them.

Todays jewellery shows are right up my alley. I love silver and these type of stones much more than traditional precious gems and gold because you can get bigger bolder more fashion jewellery looks with them - but I already have a lot of jewellery, and most days I only wear earrings anyway (If that) so I don't need new pieces.

I have 3 or 4 pairs of earrings that I know go with the colours in my wardrobe and I tend to wear those more than anything else in my Lori Greiner.

Make up - I clearly don't need any more :eek: so it has to be something amazing that I really really want to try and not on impulse either. Planned purchases only! Thankfully we usually know in advance on here what will be in a TSV so I get time to consider the options.

As for clothes well I have about 3 successes ranked against several dozen dismal failures - usually because of eccentric sizing, really unpleasant fabric or bad construction. I don't think I've ever sent an item of clothing back just because I didn't like it. There's always been something wrong.

The only thing I'm really still obsessing about is the last Tignanello TSV. I resisted and I wish I hadn't. None of the colours were really ideal for me though so I'll get over it.
I'm obesssing a bit about the last centigrade "mac" because the purple would have been perfect for me as an evening jacket.So wish I'd bought it!
I'm obesssing a bit about the last centigrade "mac" because the purple would have been perfect for me as an evening jacket.So wish I'd bought it!

Glad it's not just me hon! Maybe we should keep an eye out as sometimesthe Introductory Prices aren't much different to the TSV ones. I think "my" Tig bag's gone up a bit but maybe you'll be lucky with your mac?
Im proud to say Ive resisited everything in August and now Im resisting everything in september LOl , what is it thye say pride comes before a fall
i have been in a very anti farting rebellious mood at the moment.
bought 3 tacori pieces from last clicks and a l'occitane tsv from the bay.
before this i made willfull antifarting gestures by buying copious amounts of half price kipling from the rock heaven range (pure heaven) and and 2 pieces from the hip range in black patent..

my l'occitane stash is so high the tower of babel has nothing on it!
i am beyond redemption!:sad:
I'm not consciously FARTING but am talking myself out of loads,with reasonable explanations in my mind.Theres 2 tsv's I'm really interested in - if I didn't have those to save my money for,I may have indulged some what!

Love A,I think you're right - I've noticed the majority of tsv's only have a fiver off,so maybe its not too bad if you miss it on the "big day"!
Im afraid im not such a good girl! Not so much the TSV's, but the shows spark my interest in something else from the range.

I ordered a vivant ring and necklace but will be returning them both as I thought they were silver and black and would match but one was silver and the other was silver and orange.

I also ordered the Mally one time only nude lips set - utter C**p and wont be ordering from that range again im afraid - my lips were totally parched after a few mins and one application! That is also being returned.
I resisted the Yankee Candles TSV, but tbh, that's the only TSV that I've been interested in, in what seems ages now.

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