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Sep 8, 2008
Hi Guys,

I used to be on these forums a lot in the old days but for what ever reasons I stopped posting, but I have always kept reading with interest the views and opinions of all of you and often missed having interaction so now I am back!!

Just had a quick question, during the original days of Factory Outlet TV, Snatch It and the good old days of Gems they had a presenter and one of the management called Theo Van Dort. Does anyone know what has happened to him.

I met him a few years ago on a trip to the studios at Eagle Road and he gave me some great advice on breaking into the industry..(have gone a different route and do internet radio but still want to present on tv!!). All of a sudden though he just disappeared from the screen and he hasnt been mentioned in years.

Does anyone know where he has gone, hopefully he hasnt left the industry all together he was to talented a presenter and businessman for that.



(PS Love Rocks and Co its great to see Victoria Burton back on screen!! had to add that in!!!)

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