What does Debbie Flint look like?


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Jun 24, 2008
Do the producers really think that the way she has been styled will convince ANYONE to invest in one of these wigs?????

:thinking2: :thinking2: :thinking2:
I really want to grab her and sort the fringe! It's not been put in the right place at all, it's way too far forward!

I am not impressed with the wigs and hair pieces at all. Especially not the one I was going to buy, kinda feel they are taking the wee wee with the price ever so slightly.
Its that ridiculous long pony tail that offends me

At least it's in the right place though! I mean, did she not look in a mirror and check it from every angle she could before she went on air??? Her bliddy fringe is getting right on my nerves! Tru to Life - excuse me while I have a laugh...
Glad it's not just me!

I love the idea of this range. They could make a massive difference to the self-confidence of someone who is losing / has lost hair though illness.

However, I wouldn't be persuaded to part with such a lot of money now.

Ken has just admitted that he styled her!!!! Just goes to show what these will look like on a 'normal person' - it's easy to make a model look good.
I was really wanting the long wig, but it's $99 on qvc.com and is going to be £99 on qvcuk.com - er no! I know I can go into Hair Connections in Edinburgh, try on wigs, get one that really suits me, fits properly, get wig caps and care stuff all for about £60 and the quality will be similar if not better.
If he mentions 'it blends' once more I think I am going to wallop the tv! Her fringe is BLATENTLY a different shade!
Good grief her hair is three different colours now!

I wonder if the models have their hair dyed to match the hair pieces.
Most unflattering! Looks like something from a joke shop - and the colour is completely wrong :thinking2:
Good grief her hair is three different colours now!

I wonder if the models have their hair dyed to match the hair pieces.

Hmmm, very good point. I wouldn't be buying the clip in pieces anyway as my hair is too short and to be honest I can't be bothered with the faff of putting them in and they never feel that secure to me. I like the long wig, but they can keep it.
Good Gawd, I thought the colours on my television had gone! I know hair pieces are vital for women who have medically lost their hair, but Debbie's look would have suited a pre-Hallowe'en programme!
has the word blending now taken on a new meaning, apparantly it now means "doesn't match the original colour at all."
The thing perched on the back of her bonce makes her look like a bloated Minnie Mouse :thinking2:
Glad it's not just me that thought she looked awful. That, coupled with her pale make up made her look really drained - she did actually say at one point that she needed more make up on...the models all looked quite good, but that fringe looked appalling on her - and when he did the up do on her it looked like a pea on a drum.
thought it was just me thinking how frightful this show was. the long wig looked nice but very expensive, as for Debbie, there were gaps showing and too many different colours going in, it looked as she had been styled from a child's dressing up box.

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