what do your friends and family think of your qvc addiction.


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LE lover

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Sep 18, 2009
:hi: I had to ask because mine all think i'm absolutely bonkers. I was out last night and all my jewellery, was from qvc as was my make up that i was also complimented on.

One of my friends said i love your necklace and bracelet where's it from. Another said your make up looks great, i told them it was from the BE counter in Fenwicks.:blush:

i owned up about the jewellery and said qvc and the usual "that's a load of rubbish", "can't believe you watch that" comments came up. I found myself defending it to the hilt(eventhough i moan about it on here) I've also lied about where i've bought their presents from eventhough they've loved them and they've been very good brands like nails inc, philosophy etc.
Do you have the same experience? :flower::flower:
Could've written your post myself LE lover, virtually word for word!
PMSL @ 'BE counter in Fenwicks' though! :grin:

Should add however, that most people I know who admit to watching it (yes, including myself!), 'justify' it by quickly gabbling something about '......but only to laugh at the presenters though......'! :giggle:
I'm with you Mrs James, if anybody asks where I got anything I always say on the internet,it ammazes me none of my family and friends seem to know about QVC, yet they've got thousands of members.

I even used to know a lady who stayed up to watch all the TSVs and everything she had came from QVC, she was quite open about it, and at the time we all thought she was a bit mad.
Quite a few of my work colleagues are keen QVC shoppers so there are a lot of animated conversations around the drinks machine about products/presenters each morning which is fun (and beats talking about work LOL).

With my family (with the exception of my sister), it's a case of "not another QVC package!" when an item is discovered on my doormat. I'm sure they would like me to go through a 10 step programme to break the habit - ain't gonna happen :devil:
My husband treats it with amused tolerance, my son has no idea and my daughters screw up their faces in disgust, but have loved everything I've ever bought them from QVC !

Since we moved here, I buy most of my stuff online as clothes and makeup are very expensive here and there aren't any craft shops so it's become a necessity rather than a whim....
Brilliant post LE lover. For years I too felt I had be careful as to where my purchases from, trying to justify it by saying things like, 'it was an absolute bargain' etc. It still annoys me that people look down on you for using QVC or any shopping channel for that matter, it shouldn't have to be like that. Trouble is I'm sure people think your brain washed into the 'american' style of buying, believing all the bull they sometimes (well, lets say a lot of the time) reel off. BUT I now feel I don't have to explain myself because since I've found this forum, I know I'm being objective, cutting the wheat from the chaff and can read honest comments and with time, see what shopping channels really are, shops! So now I think, what the hell, it's their problem, not mine. And to boot, I've got lots of brilliant bargains, quality products and things that actually do make life easier.
Agree with all :) 'tho sadly we feel have to justify a lot of things to family etc ... I'm into raw food and my oh my they all think I'm nuts ... lol, so I'm a nutter for watching QVC, IW , raw food and not going to pubs ... Oh and when they see my yankee tart collection they think I'm right off it :tongue2: I like to think I'm special:angel::flower:
My husband and sons think it's a hoot and enjoy taking the proverbial at any and every opportunity. My daughter is cool with it as she's benefited from some of my purchases!
What are you watching.... as if I didn't know!

My husband finds it unbelievable that I can watch people who get paid for talking twaddle for 10 minutes and more about a trio of nail varnishes or a handbag. It also irritates him when I swap channels (just for a moment whilst the adverts are on!!!) whilst he is in the bathroom having a pee. If it's a really big day like fashion or beaty day I bounce out of bed really early to see what the TSV is and that makes him annoyed too. Poor love, I make it up to him by calling him in if there is something that he might be interested in. You know, something mechanical that drills holes or glues things together. I sometimes even buy him stuff!
I live in Italy so QVC is a bit of an unknown quantity here BUT many of my friends think that it is like Ebay. They also seem to think that everything that I wear, own, apply to my face and body, is from QVC. And they wouldn't be far wrong!!!!
Addiction, me? I'm in denial but my sister...now she is an addict. I just know I'm going to get Ernest Borgnine's autobiography for my Christmas, like I don't know where she bought it from

Still, it could be worse....a painting by Thomas Kinkade, painter of sh***e, perhaps?

I'd love some 'Liz Earle', though. (If you're reading this, sis).
I am not; OH is. I made him set up a second (to mine) account...I am only ordering indirectly.:cheeky:
I'm with you Mrs James, if anybody asks where I got anything I always say on the internet,it ammazes me none of my family and friends seem to know about QVC, yet they've got thousands of members.

I even used to know a lady who stayed up to watch all the TSVs and everything she had came from QVC, she was quite open about it, and at the time we all thought she was a bit mad.

Have we met before Lucy-loo? Cos that could be me you're talking about! :D (To a 'T')
Hubby's cool with it. He even tries to feign interest when I talk about the presenters to him. Bless!!!! :heart:

I think he's of the opinion that women shop. :D

Nothing you can do about it, and really men should just be glad that they don't have to do it themselves.

And at least with QVC he doesn't have to schlep along behind me carrying the bags!

So basically he's grateful that I shop at QVC! :grin: :rock: :giggle: :clapping: :sun: :clapping: :giggle::rock: :grin:

Most of my friends think I'm demented and must have more money than sense but they go clothes and make up shopping every Saturday so if they go on at me too much about QVC I offer to compare bank statements! :D

I think the cliche people have in their heads of what a QVC customer is like works against us. We're not supposed to be smart, sexy, funny or fit I guess!
:rock:I don't tell anyone I buy stuff or even watch QVC. When I said something to my sisters about online shopping channels they both sneered and said 'oh for goodness sake'. One time when we had some guests who were really interested in cricket and were watching a match in our lounge - I snuck off to watch QVC in the kids playroom. Someone peeked around the door and was scandalised that I was watching a shopping channel. I have not lived it down yet. People are such snobs.
My husband is positively allergic to Alison Young and that's what prompted him to buy a second TV I think. But hey, he watches televised darts - so who is he to scoff?
I do feel rather smug when people admire my jewellery (Lola Rose, epiphany platinum), make up, prezerve gear or the grip to me hangers and ask where I've got it from.
I bought my French teacher a lovely necklace from QVC from all my class (they gave me the cash) and she was thrilled and asked me where I got it from. I just said a local boutique!!!!
I thoroughly enjoy my habit and am delighted to find fellow users.
My hubby used to really tease me - he now accepts it - but only because I explain to him that I actually don't like much on TV and find it really relaxing.

My family and friends that do know,really look down on me for it.Although like you say,I've bought them some really nice items for xmas.

Its almost a shameful secret :(

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