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Mar 28, 2009
Wirral/Cheshire border
What can you see from where you are sitting now, that you bought from QVC ?.
I have my Cheeky Charlie monkey looking at me
my two wind spinners in the garden
a stone mountain cross body bag

and nothing else at all

what about you ?
My Yankee tart burner's tsv which are burning Darl's tarts as usual! Nothing else visible unless you count the Philosophy perfume I'm wearing.
What an excellent question/post!

Well...from where I'm sitting I can see my Lori Grenier jewellery cabinet against the opposite wall. My fiendish plan is that I keep my bling in this so that any potential burglars may think it's a mirror. I can also see the smaller swivel-type one so that blows my theory out of the water.

Also, my LG make-up box thingy is on the table.

Two NN pillow covers are drying on the radiator.

My Lulu Guiness Wanda handbag (drool) sits on the top of a cupboard in its dustbag.

Oh dear.

There's more. I keep my Lulu hand cream on one of my bookshelves.

12-step programme, anyone?
Im at work so not much - L'occitane shea butter hand cream on my desk and my new kipling brownie purse.
Oh dear this is going to be bad, but good question. I can see 12 really useful boxes crammed with craft goodies, my Purple Cow paper cutter, a Brother P-touch lable maker, a Finepix S1500 camera, a swivel sweeper and my XL glider. If I opened the cupboard I would see lots of craft kits but I'm not going to open it so they don't count.lol
From where im sitting, I can see my L'Occitane Try Me gift set & my gorgeous little Steiff Alpaca Fawn :call:
Also, if this counts.. I can see my wardrobe.. Which is keeping my Kipling Black Velvet Katie Bag nice & safe :grin:
My JVC hard drive, Kipling TSV (the latest one), Kipling gorilla girls bag, Kipling sassa grab bag..... I think I may have detected an issue here....:giggle: :cheeky:. That's about it. Mind you, I'm in the lounge. Now if I was in my craft room.......:cheeky:
Well, I'm in my workroom so I can see dozens of boxes of craft stuff, much of which came from QVC. The kitten is asleep in an empty QVC box on my craft table. I'm wearing a diamonique eternity ring and "engagement" ring -( I gave up on the real stuff after having to have two different sets of rings cut off my finger after accidents). I'm wearing Honora pearl earrings and a pearl ring on my right hand. My watch is a 'Guess' one from QVC. I have a pot of LE superbalm on my desk and on the back of the door is a Carol Hochman cardi from a lounging set, which I slip round my shoulders when I'm chilly.

Makeup is by Mally, though I can't actually see that unless I look into a little mirror on the shelf which was part of some TSV, years ago...............
Thank heavens I'm not in the bedroom...........:blush::blush:
I'm at work (looks over shoulder before posting LOL) but if I were to look in a mirror I would see my Smashbox Hollywood eye liner :happy:
I am at work now, but 2 parcels from beauty day arrived this morning and are sitting next to my hard drive, waiting to go home later on :Tawaka cream and Ojon supersize revitalising mist...
During my lunchbreak I went to the PO and returned a ring on last clicks which looked cheap (black agate with pearl)
3 Tiffany lamps, 2 Royal Palace Rugs ( where did that company go?), a Gtech sweeper, a Prezerve jewellery box, a Northern Nights throw on the sofa and yes, also on the conveyor belt, the cuddly toy..a Charlie bear.
I'm at work too so all I can see is a pair of Markon boots I ordered on waitlist when they were an OTO recently and just arrived today - I'd completely forgotten about them.
This is fun ...

I'm at work - only 15 mins to go hooray - so all I can see are my Tignanello bag, my gossip watch and I'm wearing a pink quartz heart necklace which I bought from a BCC day years ago.

If it was raining, I'd be able to see my TSV Centigrade mac but I left it at home today.

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