What are your favourite GemsTV pieces?


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We haven't had a fun thread for ages so thought I'd start one! Hey, I've got to do something to occupy my time!

So........... show us your top 5 purchases from GemsTV with reasons why you've chosen them - they don't have to be expensive but you've got to love them! Photos would be great but links will be good too. If you haven't got items of jewellery then what's your favourite gemstone they sell and why?

C'mon gemstone lovers - I know there are some really phenomenal pieces out there so let's see them!
Great thread, Meesh!

May I cheat and have six?

1. First up, my new rainbow sapphire and diamond bracelet:
Not just because it's new, honest! It's simply stunning. (It's also the most expensive thing I've bought from Gems, and the fact that I didn't even hesitate or consider sending it back speaks volumes.)

2. Antique style pearl and garnet necklace:
This is one of my most frequently worn items, and I always get compliments on it. I have a large collection of "Victoria" pieces, all of which I love, so this will stand in for all of them.

3. Natural pink diamond ring:
Well what can I say? - It's natural pink diamonds! And a beautiful design.

4. Patroke kunzite ring:
I have to confess that the design of this is somewhat too plain and boring for me - I'd rather have had an antique cushion cut surrounded by a halo of diamonds or something like that - but this is one amazing gemstone, the most intense pink imaginable. Maybe I'll get it reset one day.

5. Mexican jelly opal pendant:
MJO is a magical gemstone, and this is a fine example. (I also have another pendant and a ring in it.) The pendant also has diamonds set into the gallery, which you can't see from the pic.

6. Rose quartz pendant
This was a real cheapie, but it's just stunning and it looks a million dollars - very art deco.

C'mon then - let's be seeing everyone else's collection!
Mine change all the time lol but todays are...... some don't have images anymore so i have added photos (i have 6 as well)

Yellow and white diamonds they sparkle like mad love it

Pink and white diamonds another real sparkler

Padparadscha sapphire Just such a lovely bust of colour

Mexican jelly opal i just get mesmerised by the colours

Indicolite the cheapest item i have ever bought from gems but when the light hits it its so neon i also love the cut


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We haven't had a fun thread for ages so thought I'd start one! Hey, I've got to do something to occupy my time!

So........... show us your top 5 purchases from GemsTV with reasons why you've chosen them - they don't have to be expensive but you've got to love them! Photos would be great but links will be good too. If you haven't got items of jewellery then what's your favourite gemstone they sell and why?

C'mon gemstone lovers - I know there are some really phenomenal pieces out there so let's see them!

Where are your choices Meeshoo? taking longer than you thought to decided lol?
Wow - loving those, Gemcherub (especially as one of them is the same as mine - LOL!) And that MJO is a great setting (as well as a great stone).
My gems pieces are from a while ago, links and pics doutfull, but favourites would be Kunzite rings(a few of) Yellow Beryl rings and also my 2 Mintabie Jelly Opal rings:)
Well, I'm going to cheat too! When I was pondering my favourites, I realised that honestly I have some great pieces from Gems!!!! I've narrowed it down BUT the list could have been double the size :giggle:

This is not in any order:

1. My PT ring and PT pendant (cheating here as I've got a photo of the two together). Both are neon beyond belief. One is a swimming pool blue and the other an electric green. Have you ever had one of those "OMG" moments when you open a box? With both of these I literally had to sit back in awe!

2. My Rubellite ring. This rivals any Shimoyo. It's huge and wonderful and a real statement piece. I often wear this.

3. My pink diamond ring (same as GC and Miss Ms above) gets worn a lot BUT the pink/red diamond I bought loose when Don first brought over the loose stones is beyond gorgeous. I've never seen one the same colour for sale since and I think all of us who bought at that time got the coloured diamonds for extraordinary prices. My only regret is I didn't buy a few more reds!

4. Hotlips - how could she not be included?! 6.5ct of Ruby loveliness! Bought loose as most of you remember and now set.

5. All of my Tahitian pearls - especially Sputnik pictured below


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But then, my favourites wouldn't be complete without my stunning Andamooka Semi Black Opal. The colourplay on this is sensational. A real wowza!

Of course, my REAL favourites have to be my Alexandrites (I won't bother posting photos cos you've all seen them before!) and also my Tanzanites and PTs. The two Tanzies that stand out for me are my 18ct loose stone and a 4ct oval cut - picked for me by the lovely Steve A. Just for fun, I'm also including a photo of my first real "big" Tanzanite purchase - a 7.8ct trilliant cut pendant. It's wonky wonky wonky but I love it anyway! It gives it character!

If I hadn't found Gems when I did, I certainly wouldn't have the PT collection I have now. Although I love my PTs, I did get a 4.1ct loose stone that's a screaming NEON blue. This photo does it no justice whatsoever as I took it through the glass top of a gem container so the colours are muted. The only problem with this stone is that it has a window. I'm in the process of sending it to a cutter in the US to be recut.

Then there are my Kunzites - especially the mahoosive pendant! Not Patroke but I reckon it's the deepest shade I've ever seen in a Kunzite.

Lastly - and no photos - my collection of colour change sapphires. They are mind bogglingly lovely! The coloured diamonds (especially the greens) that I wear alot and love unreservedly.

Oh dear, I really have cheated haven't I? Eeeeek! :cool2:


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wow check out that opal stunning!
please post some Alexandrite photos i haven't seen them before and i'd love to drool over them lol
WOW!! All are as stunning as i remember them Meesh...Lush all of them! I'm sure i speak for most of us when i say i'd love to see your Alexandrite pics again too :D
Well I'm stunned GC I was positive you'd seen them! Ok, well for you and Tabs here we go ............

These photos were taken a while ago and the collection has got a little bigger but I don't have any more recent piccies. Not all of these are from GemsTV - most are but some have come from elsewhere.

Photo 1 - I was attempting to show the daylight green of some of the rings and failed dismally!
Photo 2 - A pendant from GemsTV. When this arrived I thought I'd bought an Amethyst! The colour change is incredibly strong.
Photo 3&4 - A pair of earrings from GemsTV. These are HUGE. I can't remember the overall carat weight (5 or 6ct I think) and they're about 1" across!
Photo 5 - An Alex bracelet from GemsTV. I have two Alex bracelets, bought at a time when Alex was affordable. Gawd knows how much these would be now!


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These next two rings are my babies!

The first is from GemsTV and is 2.2ct plus diamonds and although it has an inclusion, I LOVE it. It was worn nearly every day until I got the one below! Anything over 2ct in an Alex is difficult to get hold of (it is has good clarity and colour change) so I am thrilled to own this.

The next is my ULTIMATE BABY! This is a 3.06ct Alex plus diamonds. This is my ultimate Alex. The colour change is probably the strongest of all my pieces and it's completely eye clean which is very rare for this size. The daylight colour is a forest green - not the grey/green the photo suggests but capturing the green of an Alex is impossible! The colour change photo really does represent what I see!


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Gorgeous Meeshoo, All are truly lovely! I would struggle to pic a favourite from the first set of piccies, but the pear shapes keep catching my eye, just stunning! And the last two...both are to die for pieces, fabulous collection hun x
Those pear cut alex's are gorgeous you lucky lucky thing, and your PT's are yummy too, you could just dive into them, thanks for showing the piccies

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