What a waste of a good stone!


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Jun 24, 2008
Did anyone see this Tanzanite Ring? Item number: 940 197 - see Historic Product Search.

Apparently "one of a kind" although I have seen it on before so somebody perhaps sent it back.

Well, the picture looks bad enough but it's even worse on the telly!! What an attrocious design! Why cover up most of the Tanzanite with those massive claws? Absolutely hideous and a total waste of a good gemstone. Why anyone paid £1,499 for it is beyond me! Bet we see it back again!!

ps If it was anyone here who bought it then sorry (but I still hate it!)


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Have to agree Klos, looks like a good stone, but not with those overly obtrusive claws.

Was it a big stone then? :33:

I like the colour of the stone and the spiral effect on the shank and the shoulder accents and that would have been enough for me.....but not at that price! No way! mysmilie_1456
Well, I think the claws are a BIT on the big side, but , then again, it's 1) a talking point!
2) some extra protection for the tanzanite stone, which it can certainly do with if worn often....
and 3) at least the stone is unlikely to fall out, which is what my £1800 emerald stone is trying to do, (even after being sent back to be fixed {by A. N. Other Company}:12:) because the claws on that were intended to show as much of the stone as possible and don't even fit where they touch!!

So, all in all, from where I'm standing, a tanzy ring with claws like a tiger on steroids seems like a pretty good idea !:31:

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