What a stunning design


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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
No, I didn't buy it, but if I could have afforded it I'd have been tempted! (Closed at £1,999)


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What didn't you buy but would've been tempted if you could've afforded it? :giggle:

Ooops the pic and price wasn't there when I first looked .... sorry!

And, yes, it is very nice and I couldn't afford it either!
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That IS a lovely ring, Miss Magpie and I can see that the Belle Époque style of it would be very much to your taste.
That does look right up your street MissM. Funnily enough I thought of you with the banner advertising the new apatite. There's a pendant there that looks very pretty and I thought would also appeal to you.
Is the baby magpie piccie from your garden? We've got some too, but I'm afraid I've gone off them rather as the adults cleared a blackbird nest (presumably to feed the babies), but I was really upset and couldn't do anything to help the very distressed blackbird parents. (Sorry, rather off topic!)
I wish I could lay claim to having discovered the cute baby magpie myself, but Argey found him online somewhere and posted him in a thread, and I nicked him for my avatar! Not very romantic, is it? :)
Stunning colour stone, a little over-elaborate setting to my mind. Definitely a special black tie occasion piece!

So....... is that a bow-tie effect I see across the centre of the stone?? :33:

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