Well, that's Ideal World given a piece of Tongue Pie!


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Hacked off with trying to get on and off the website, having my password blown away and basically not knowing if the item I had ordered was coming or going - money taken from bank but no confirmation sent - I did what had been suggested in the thread about not receiving emails and I emailed the C.Exec - and got a phone call!!!

Anyway, by then I had rung again and discovered what was happening with my item, but oh boy did I tell the guy on the phone my gripes!

1. The astronomical amount of the phone calls.
2. Can't get through to Customer Service without paying for it!
3. QVC does a better complain and return policy - you CAN get hold of them.
4. The website is down each time I want to buy from Create & Craft.
5. They shouldn't say within 10 working days when they can't guarantee it is.

I told him he can check my account and see how rarely I buy from Ideal World and that I am more a QVC devotee.

Well I do feel better for that!!!!
Now you have started me off,I have just sent him one too ! been waiting sine 1st Oct for an order,usual rubbish, so had enough now,hope I am lucky with it.Does make you feel better though.

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