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Sep 11, 2009
I tuned in to watch the fabulous Barbara Gray & Clarity Stamps this morning - had it on my calendar for ages. To her credit Stephanie was much calmer than her usual excitable self - she said that she would do very few stock updates & read no e mails as she wanted us to have every minute of the hour to see Barbara's beautiful demonstrations. She seemed much calmer than usual & genuinely in awe of Barbara's creativity - as we all are.
Keep it up girl - calmer Steph is much, much easier & more pleasant to spend an hour with!
I just think it's a pity she can't offer the same courtesy to other guest presenters. I've just been watching her with Sheena Douglass who is at least as talented (if not, dare I say it, even more so?)and she was full of stock updates, emails and general wittering. I know the argument about shopping channel blah blah blah, but I think everyone should have the same treatment - preferably the treating with respect.
I noticed that Stephanie never says the word Adironcack, a word that actually ends with the letter K unlike somethin(g)k, nothin(g)k etc.

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