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Jun 25, 2008
Lancashire lassie
I would just like to say a big well done to Barry from rocks.tv,I thougt he did a grand job considering it's his first stab at presenting on live tv.
It must have been very nerve wracking for him,not only having to concentrate on presenting to the great unwashed of ST.com,but also having to cope with all the gremlins that were having to be ironed out.

I remember many years ago when I was promoted to a training position in the company I worked for.I had to present training days to rooms full of people where you are the focus of attention.....and it was very scary!!:eek:
Before my first traing day I must have visited the loo about 5 times and I hadn't even eaten breakfast!:D

So big up to Barry.....you did grand! xxxxx
A great concept, fun, friendly, and even better lots of sparkle :) I love it :) well done to you all :D
Totally agree with what everyone has said. Great concept, friendly/family atmosphere, good fun and on top of that loads of bling!!
I'd also like to send a belated big well done to Barry on his first presenting weekend. You did good Baz!

well done also to all the crew and technicians working hard to iron out the kinks, respond to our endless questions and feedback to us in such a friendly fashion.

love it love it love it!!

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