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Jul 5, 2008
I've just bagged a diamond band on the web

no 430778

but it won't let me check it out says there is a problem with the page :mad:

customer services is shut and and so is the personal shopper...

so I guess thats means i've not got a hope in hells chance of the getting the ring

anybody got any ideas on how to get round this ?
Same thing has happened to me, Dotty! Clearly there's a bug in the system (which TJC don't seem very interested in sorting out, alas.)

2 ways round it:

1. When you check out, DON'T select the option to deliver to your billing address. Select the option to enter a different shipping address, and enter your address again. (Doesn't matter if you in fact enter the same address.)

2. If all else fails, make a note of the item number and price and e-mail [email protected] - within a couple of days, they'll telephone you and arrange to complete your purchase over the phone at the same pirce.

Good luck!
thanks Miss Magpie will try and email them

though what's the point in running auctions if you can't check them out !!
Hi Dotty hope you get things sorted this happened to me last year and i emailed the shopper with the item number and price and they sorted it out straight away and honoured the price . Mags
Thanks for all the replies,

I got in touch with the personal shopper this morning and sadly
the ring is now out of stock.

on the plus side the shopper was very helpful and pleasant
I have very little faith in the personal shopper service, i emailed about an item a few days later i received a call saying it would be on air they told me the day and the time, so i watched and it wasn't aired so i called CS instead and they placed my order and i had the ring in 3 days!
If you had it in your basket yesterday and couldn't check out it would have been removed at 4.00am and it takes 24-48 hours for the item to bounce back into stock, so give CS a call over the weekend as long as you have the item code (which you do) they can place your order for you.
Sorry to hear about you having problems Dotty. I bought a ring very late last night (first purchase from TJC in ages) and I had no problem at all in checking out. I wonder if it's one of these intermittent things or if it's to do with which browser you use. Are you using Internet Explorer?
Interestingly, when I checked the site at 8.30 this morning the ring was out of my shopping basket - which I expected.
I had the auctions running and there was my ring back on - I bagged it again at the same price and it still wouldn't let me proceed to checkout.
When I phone the personal shopper she quoted a lower price than I had bought it at, but it kept showing as being out of stock. she got someone to check the warehouse to double check.
I wonder if the have pulled it from the auction site ....

Kos - I use explorer and have never had a problem before
That's strange Dotty and really annoying for you. I hope you get it and at the cheaper price which is always good :Happy1:
I've just remembered when that happened to me and the item was removed from my basket overnight, the PS said it took 24 hours for it to show up again as back in stock. So definitely try them again.

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