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Jul 18, 2008
Is there no way of doing links that show a video anymore? :confused:

I know I've been out of touch for a while and I'm sorry if this has all been discussed before the crash but when I try the old one I just get script where the little screen should be - and the pop-up you get when looking on an item for sale on the web doesn't seem to have a url/link, or is it just me who can't work it out? :eek:

What I do, and I hope it works okay for you too, is I save a link like the one above...then enter the item number of the piece of jewellery I want to view over the previous item number in the link to see a video. Hope this helps. :) It might not work for some of the older items.

Huggles I could hug you! Thank you, :D I guessed there had to be a way, just too thick to work it out for myself. :rolleyes:

Off for an ogle and to delete all the old kaput links from my bookmarks. :eek:
enjoy browsing lynda darling xx

I will hon, I will!

I lost all interest for a while there, but the morganite lit a fuse I thought was long dead! ;) Still waiting for it and wanted a drool at the vid to keep my enthusiasm going. I'm back to earth now though as nothing is screaming 'buy me' and if I was going to splurge, I would have added to that order. :(

I'm still finding the website hard going too and remembering how often I was disappointed in the past (although one or two have been fantastic :D) has sobered me up a bit! :rolleyes: This pendant had better be as good as the one on TV or it will probably be my last ever as it's a hell of a hike to the nearest P.O. now!!!!!! :eek:

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