Web store has auction pieces at a lower price!


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Jan 7, 2009
Has anyone else noticed recently that there are items appearing on the online store that have been, or are being shown on the falling auctions for a lower price! The AAA Tanzanian Ruby ring that I have just bought has appeared on there for £7 less, not a huge amount but still, defeats the point of even having the falling auctions! :12: It would not be so bad if they actually put items that have been stolen from my basket on their online store!!!!!

I love the items that Rocks do, but I think that overall they are rather unorganised which really lets them down :( I really hope that this starts to improve.

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Yes T1ger I have noticed that also not on all the jewellery prices but does seem to be on the odd piece of jewellery on there website is cheaper, I bought a pair of earrings and they are around £4 cheaper on web at couple of days ago than falling auction price I paid a few weeks ago, think it's to do with the jewellery selling for higher prices on their falling auctions at the moment think prices went up from when they started there so called 'clearance sale' prices do seemed to have gone up generally
Yeah PandaBear - I think the prices might be a wee bit of a 'hit and miss' too - the rainbow moonstone pendant I never received (cancelled the order) item no 820611 - is now on sale on the web for 95.94 .... on the telly auction, it only fell once, to £49 ....
Faerie, if you want a RM pendant at a good price, you might want to have a look at item 168 850 - currently on the web for £39.95. I have that and it's particularly nice.

I'm glad to see the prices on the website at a sensible level at last!
its lovely MissMagpie

was only using that as a pricing example though ... there are still some hit and miss prices ... I dont mind paying a wee bit extra on the web, sometimes though, the price is nearly double ....

I know they are still sorting out their systems, hopefully, they have started on the web pricing ... hope they havent finished because looking at some of the prices, they still seems they have some ways to go ...

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