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At the weekend I purchased a necklace and used the £50 money off voucher code. My bank are fairly red hot on doing fraud checks at the moment and it just so happened that they phoned me today to see if I was authorising the amount. I authorised the payment but it was only after I put the phone down that I realised that TJC had asked my Bank for the FULL amount, NOT the full amount less the discount.

I phoned TJC and was told that TJC take the FULL amount from the card but then credit you back with the discount. That's fine BUT it takes 3 working days for the credit to go back into your account. I told TJC that when I confirmed the order it was for the lower amount and that I had not authorised TJC to take the higher amount and I believe this is against long distance selling regulations.

I'm waiting a call back from TJC to confirm what they're intending to do about this but I just wanted to warn you to make sure you have the full amount in your account otherwise the transaction won't be processed.
What an arse about face way of doing things and a crafty scam to earn extra interest on all the £50s that they hold onto for the extra 3/4 days. :rolleyes: Btw what is the voucher thingy Meesh?? I bought something recently and didn't get notified of any discount on a future purchase. :HUMP: :pPC:
It seems a ridiculous practice for them to process 2 transactions when it'd be much simpler just to take the discounted amount in the first place. I can't remember, but does TJC take payment upon receipt of the order, or when it is shipped?
It's exactly this kind of jiggery pokery that makes us distrust the channels, and could certainly cause someone like me banking problems. Thanks for the warning Meesh as they are regularly sending me little briberies to order and I have been thinking about giving it a go. xxx
Ooops - TJC take payment when you place the order NOT when it's shipped so basically they've got more of your money for longer! They say that the refund is instantaneous but my Bank has confirmed that's not the case. Only paying in cash hits an account instantaneously.

PPC - you get a small blue card with each purchase but in all honesty, I nearly threw it away as junk mail! If you buy something between £99 and £399 you'll get £20 off if you quote 399001 at checkout. If you're buying something for £399 or more, quote 399002 and you get £50 off. I wonder what you have to apply if you actually buy something for £399!!! It's not clear on the flyer. You can also use this on the phone and the offers are valid until 17th August 2009. The flyer says "offers 1 and 2 are redeemable against your next single purchase" which implies you can use both but I doubt if you can! Also, it doesn't say if you can use the codes more than once. HTH

Arge - yep, totally agree. It's so frustrating.
As some of you might have read, was waiting for the delivery today (delivery was missed on Thursday) and was panicing in case I saw somthing in the sale (sale?, what sale?) and couldnt use the discount voucher because I didnt have it .... got the card today and it says on it 'check the website for full t&c' ... here they are:

Summer | “Multi-Discount” Promotion.

Quote discount codes 399001 and 399002 for Offer 1 and Offer 2 respectively.

Offer 1: £20 off when you spend between £99 and £399.
Offer 2: £50 off when you spend more than £399.
Offers are redeemable through call center, website and customer care.
These offers are applicable to you only and not transferrable. These offers are redeemable against your next single purchase.
A purchase between £99 and £399 does not include postage and packaging cost.
A purchase of More than £399 does not include postage and packaging cost.
Offer 1 is valid between 16/07/09 and 17/08/09.
Offer 2 is valid between 16/07/09 and 17/08/09.
Only one Discount code can be used in a single transaction.
For Call Centre/Customer Care purchases, give your unique code to Agent and an automatic deduction will be made once the purchase falls within one of the offers.
For Website purchases, enter your unique Code to receive your respective discount off the most expensive item in your basket.
These offers cannot be used in combination with itself and any other TJC discount voucher(s).
Returned items will be refunded at the discounted price paid.
This does not affect your statutory rights.
These terms and conditions strictly apply

Which means you dont need to wait to receive the codes, or purchase something to get the codes .... they post them on the website anyway ...

:thinking2: whats a single transaction though, buying 1 item, or can you fill up your basket with falling auction goodies too? what if I see a ring for £100 and dont chose to use the discount as I am waiting to get the £50 discount on an Iliana or something? That mean I cant?

Given though theres a 'clearance' just now, I guess I will wait until its over and then bag myself a bargain anyway!!:cheeky:
Well I've just tried to use code 1 on an item costing £99.95 (without p&p) on the web and it won't work - the message says
Discount not applicable or removed

:HUMP: :pPC:
A very nice manager from TJC phoned me tonight. He was under the impression that the lower amount would be taken from the card BUT after talking with me, he's as confused as I am and so is going to investigate further and phone me back. So, we'll see! I've got to say that I did appreciate that I had a phone call back even if it was to say "we've not forgotton about this and will come back to you". That's good CS.
Well I logged out and then in again in case it was a glitch but still got the same message. So I'll just let it expire overnight, if they want to lose sales this way it's their loss. :pPC:
Well I logged out and then in again in case it was a glitch but still got the same message. So I'll just let it expire overnight, if they want to lose sales this way it's their loss. :pPC:

its not right though, the deal is on their website ... and they are still showing the ad ...its not supposed to run out till mid August :sad:
I quite agree Faerie. Perhaps someone from TJC might wish to comment on the forum about this?? :rolleyes: :pPC:
I've just thought do you remember the thread i posted about when they canceled my order and didn't tell me? it turned out that it was because the voucher didn't work so they canceled to re-order minus the discount well when they did the full amount was pending from my account but 3 days later the lower amount (-£50) was taken, so they must have always done it this way so its strange the manager doesn't know!
GC was it just the authorisation that was for the higher amount OR did they actually take the higher amount and then refund the lower portion?

TBH I don't understand why they would even ask for authorisation for the higher amount because banks then put aside that money and it's not available to the customer any longer. When I pressed to confirm my order with TJC is was for the lower amount so there's no reason for the higher amount to be authorised.
What they do is get authorisation for the full amount (so if you look in your account the full amount is pending/unavailable for you to spend) but then they only take the lesser amount because i was expecting 2 transactions the full amount to be deducted then £50 to be refunded but that was not the case, just the lower amount was taken so i don't understand why the full amount needed to be authorise (so i couldn't spend it!!)
This all sounds very confusing so I can only add what happened to me... I ordered my loose tanzy by phoning the Personal Shopper and mentioned my £50 discount. She put the transaction thru, but when I reminded her about the discount, she apologised (genuinely) that she'd forgotten. She then had to cancel the transaction, and put it thru again at the discounted price.

So what appears in my on-line history is a transaction for the higher amount, CANCELLED, and a transaction for the lower amount - which was the amount I was charged on my c/c.

I deduce from this that they are meant to charge you the discounted price in the first place. What's the point of charging higher price then giving a refund? Is is just a series of human and/or computer errors?

Odd, very odd!
In my order history it said the lower amount but they still authorized the higher amount from my bank, but only debited the lower all very odd!
Did I get a call back today? Did I heck! Well great CS that is! :down:

Anyway, the necklace, which arrived today, is a twisting nightmare and so went back today anyway and I'll be phoning them to chase my refund at the end of the week - not to mention give them a piece of my mind!

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