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Jan 13, 2009
Hi all, I have been lurking for a while and now feel able to contribute in a helpful manner hopefully stopping someone else wasting good money to this bunch of chancers.
On 25th November 2008 I ordered a Silver Opal Triplet ring for my daughter for Xmas at £19.99 plus £9.95 p&P and I knew at that price not to expect a lot however, I still had not received it on the 20th Dec, I tried contacting the company, they would not take phone calls and the customer service number kept cutting off, so I emailed them through their website as you cant email them directly either (Not a good sign)and I received a reply on 24th Dec saying because of the "holiday" it would not be sent till after Xmas. I think by this time I kind of knew it wouldnt be here for Xmas.
I was on holiday till 4th Jan and the parcel still had not arrived so on the 6th Jan I contacted them again through the website and still no reply to my messages so on the 11th Jan I emailed that I would be raising a "Chargeback" with my bank claiming a "fraudulent transaction" for the full amount debited from my card on the 27th November 2008 and that I would be reporting them to Trading Standards and I waited for a reply... No one got back to me but lo and behold I receive the ring this afternoon 13th January 2009!
It was only 7 weeks to wait but the really annoying thing is the ring has black marks inside the band and is tarnished on the uneven finish of the shank. On top of all that it is too small for my 12 year old who is an L it is tiny, my 11 year old got it on but struggled to get it off, also the box was horrible it was all ooosey and so cheap and nasty and full of dirty bits which have worked their way under the stone of the ring so when you look through the ring you can see the dirty bits.
The return policy is against the Distance Selling Regulations and it would cost too much to return at my own expense and I wouldnt even think I would get a refund anyway although they state your refund wont be back on your card for "2 billing cycles" after receipt of returned goods, I personally do not trust sending it back as I dont think I would see my money again.

Also forgot to mention the stone, it is so badly made that the edges are rough and uneven and it is just horrible.
I am £29 out of pocket and I wouldnt even sell it on to get my money back as it is an insult to anyones intelligence.

For anyone tempted to buy from this company please dont, they are total rip off merchants and I do not think I would have received my goods had I not threatened them. BUYER BEWARE - You have been warned.
That is a disgrace, I know a few people on here have had bad experiences with them re delivery.
Personnally I wouldn't buy from them.

So sorry you are out of pocket and left with horrid goods too.
I should have added, although I said I wasnt expecting much for 19.99 I expected better than this and that it was also a test purchase as I had my eye on a diamond ring at £300 that I would have bought if this order had been good, however, I think some of their items look lovely and seem to be good prices but it is just not worth taking the risk.
Doesn't matter how much you spent though hun, it was good money you paid and the P&P as well so you want a decent return not some shoddy item.
Hi Yazrose, I just hope my post stops someone who may have been thinking of doing the same as me by making a test purchase with the veiw to ordering a more expensive item later, because I have been well and truly done, the "silver" is not hallmarked either it is just marked and black inside. I dont even know how it would ever fit anyone as it barely fits my 11 yo and it is definitly not the kind of thing I would be happy for her to wear anyway.
I should point out that I have never heard BHTV mention sizes and I wasnt offered a choice when ordering ( that was another nightmare) as I couldnt understand a word she said and the phone line sounded so bad like a bad Moblile reception, I assumed it would be an N or O but I reckon this is an L or smaller.

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