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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
After lurking on Rocks TV for a few days and not seeing anything I liked, I've now ordered this lot:

My first bid, an impluse buy at £13; not sure if I'll keep it:

Surely a bargain at £15:

Go on, tell me I'm nuts, but I fell in love with this bangle, got into a bidding war and ended up paying £68 (but I'm intending to keep it)!

I requested this, but ended up paying quite a lot for it (£48) - will decide whether to keep it when I see it.
Great first purchases,miss magpie......I have a few rocks marcasite pieces and I love them.The bangle is especially delicious,thought about bidding myself but went out of my budget....I am sure you will be pleased with it though.
The scarf you got for a good price as well,I think they have been well received by those who have got one.

Looks like you had a good night.....roll on tuesday!!!!:)
Anyone else out there got the bangle, and how much did you pay? Just trying to get the meausure of my own insanity!
Told you! Then you came and I had to fight you for my chosen ones!!!
Hope you love them sweetie, I plan for that bangle to be mine before I'm much older.
By the way the scarf is a stunner (mine has to go back tomorrow, purely because it doesn't suit me at all). It looks well more than you paid when you see it.
I'm strangely tempted to go for that ring too if it comes up while I have an open order (ie this weekend!).
Anyway, I hope I haven't led you too far astray, and that the quality is up to what you were hoping for on the Gems thread.
Fingers crossed!
Thanks, Anne - I thought I might as well give Rocks a try, as everyone was raving about it!

And I like the format - it's really fun. Is this a completely unique idea, I wonder, with it being purely web based and having the interactive chat? And would it ever have got off the ground without ST.com?
Isn't it a great way to shop MissM? I think the fun element is as good a selling point as the gorgeous bling, crazy prices and nice presenters. I love the interactivity of it.
Not to mention the buzz I got tonight going for that brooch!!! My heart was thumping when I placed that bid and waited for the gavel!!! Reminded me of how I used to feel once upon a time as a teenager waiting for my first date with a guy I fancied rotten!!!
I read that back and just think how sad I am...
I read that back and just think how sad I am...

Well, Anne, I wasn't going to say anything, but...
Must say, though, if I knew you were THAT passionate about it, I wouldn't even have considered bidding on the brooch!!
Lovely, lovely pieces MM, and the bangle is especially beautiful. I'm sure you will be delighted with them when you receive them. When you add up what you paid, and divide by the number of lovely things you've got, the price of the bangle is entirely justified, IMO. You wouldn't find it anywhere else for any price anyway, so it's worth it for that reason alone.
I think we are all getting too accustomed to things going for peanuts on Rocks, and maybe losing sight of what the true value of the items is. One thing's for sure, Steve & Co won't survive for long if the 'peanut' prices go on much longer, and I would be very sad to see them go.
I love the necklace,think I bid for it too. Looks so so pretty.
If you like the bangle why worry about the price,if you send it back it will cost money to do and you paid postage to start with so I'd keep it.
I have jewellery I paid hundreds for and when I see how much it is on Rocks,TJC and Gems, I am glad I can use them to buy from now.
Some lovely pieces, MissM, and I am sure that when you see the pieces, you will be as addicted as the rest of us!!!!

See the saddest thing about it for me is that yes, I have made one or two ( :eek::eek:) purchases, but even when I am skint and know full well that I can't even bid, never mind buy anything, I still go to the site, and sit on it for hours looking at the sparkles and having a laugh in the chat!!! I love it!!!!!

....my name's PrincessRacer, and I'm a Rockaholic!
I have that necklace, Miss Magpie, and it is lovely! Luck of the auction though, I paid £30, but that was right at the beginning a couple of weeks ago. :)
For those who have the pearls on the scarf thing, how does it stay on if the scarf is silk. Won't it slip off? Is there a clasp? :confused:
After lurking on Rocks TV for a few days and not seeing anything I liked, I've now ordered this lot:

I requested this, but ended up paying quite a lot for it (£48) - will decide whether to keep it when I see it.

I absolutely LOVE this necklace - I saw it being auctioned for the first time last night and was very tempted, though I came on to the site just as it was at the "Going" stage and didn't get my act together quite quickly enough - though I may not have gone over your bid price. :)

Please let us know what it's like when it comes as it looks beautiful - just my kind of thing! ;)
It stands to reason that the prices on Rocks are higher now that more people have found the site, since there's more competition for the pieces.

Like an idiot, I kept forgetting to look at it when it first started (even though I'd signed up for information and so got an e-mail about the beta testing weekend - now THAT would have been the time for a loss-leader bargain)!

It seems to me that a lot of the prices are actually comparable with high street prices, especially the silver - silver and gemstone jewellery really isn't all that expensive in most places - but Rocks is fun and different and deserves to survive.
MissMagpie, I love that marcasite ring. The marcasite pieces i've had from Rocks have been lovely... you're going to get hooked like the rest of us!!! :D
My lovely jewels arrived today... Yes, I am very impressed with the marcasite - thanks, Anne, for persuading me. For some reason, the photos don't do it justice.

Not entirely decided which I'm keeping and which are going back - some have to go back, to make room in my bank account for latest purchases currently on order!

But duh... You know that gorgeous pearl marcasite bangle I got for £68? Well, I saw the same bangle on air today with 3 in the auction, and I managed to get it for £27! (Bargain or what?) So the £68 one is going back of course. £27 is a fantastic price for that, IMO.
lol MissM, glad to hear they look good in real life, mine come Friday.
I was bidding on the bangle again too, I paid £36 and I'd have had a fit if it had gone at more than a tenner less than I paid (if you see what I mean...!). Don't blame you one bit, even return postage off you've saved a fortune.
The auction closing prices vary massively on items, I never know if I should jump in at first airing, wait for second or hang around for later - sometimes each method is better - argh, the joys of auctions! But it's all good fun anyway! And I certainly don't begrudge Steve the few quid over value I've paid on a couple of items, I've more than made up for it on others. £40 on a single one would be pushing it though!
I ordered other items this evening AND I'm returning other items, so it won't even cost me extra p&p either way with the bangle.

Maybe what we should do it keep all our pieces in the boxes with the tags on until the 30 day return period is almost up, on the offchance of getting a better price! (Not sure it would work if you returned the "wrong" piece, since they all have inidvidually numbered tags on)

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