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When are IW going to realise one of the fundamental rules of operating a successful retail business: the customers like what they know and the retailer ought, therefore, to give the customers what they want. To chop and change between brands of yoghurt is not the same as offering various brands of face care.
I have had easiyo, then simply yoghurt, then I reverted back to easiyo which I have now determined is the best quality product. It is also cheaper and is a more reputable brand. i have had nothing but success with it; the same cannot be said for simply, so i will be sticking with that from now on.
I think IW will find that a lot of previous purchasers of simply will turn to QVC and easiyo, if only for consistency. (of always being able to acquire the sachets, rather than of the product, although easiyo is, I find, more consistent.)
I do wonder if the rebrand to Vitayo was because of negative reaction to Simply yo. In the demonstration, they actually addressed what to do if your yoghurt doesn't set "as can happen very occasionally if the water temperature isn't right or if the ambient temperature is too cold' (I paraphrase, but you get the gist).

Perhaps they were concerned that anybody who was contemplating purchasing Simply yo might google it and see lots of negative feedback. With the name change they're presumably hoping that they can hang onto existing Simply yo customers, attract new ones and, possibly, dupe some dissatisfied Simply yo customers into trying the 'new' brand.
We've been using Simply Yoghurt for ages with very few setting problems. As has been said, it's very important not to use stone cold water from the mains kitchen tap to mix with the powder as this will a) delay the setting process and b) make it harder for the milk powder to dissolve properly resulting in lumps. Even if the yoghurt hasn't set after 8hours, the solution is just to refresh the hot water in the yougurt maker and leave it for a little while longer. This has always worked for us.
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As for the 'rebranding', I don't know about that but given that each sachet is 99% powdered milk they're charging an awful lot more for virtually the same product in a different bag - IIRC the last lot of Simply Yoghurt bio-lite we bought from IW cost £15 plus P&P. I can't find any manufacturer's details on the Simply Yoghurt packaging so assume it was made for IW.

However it's easy to reduce the cost of the plain yoghurt by using your own supermarket bought skimmed milk powder with either a spoonful from one of the sachets or, indeed, a spoonful of a previously made up batch and following the normal method.
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How can they justify almost doubling the price of the sachets for what in essence is exactly the same product. I will be going back to Easiyo now.
How can they justify almost doubling the price of the sachets for what in essence is exactly the same product. I will be going back to Easiyo now.

I buy my Easiyo sachets at Lakeland (late Lakeland Plastics). I have a branch about 6 miles away but the mail order p&p is reasonable (less than QVC) even if you have to send for it. 6 sachets for 9.99 (plus p&p, if relevant) in the skimmers variety. They also have a special 1/2 price offer on the maker kit - £6.84 - worth buying as a spare to have in.

Some Holland and Barrett shops sell it but don't know about the price.

Never tried the flavoured ones but notice that Easiyo do unsweetened flavoured varieties. Any one had them? Comments?
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