Virgin Media seeks buyer for bid tv, price drop tv and speed auctions tv


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<img src="/images/situpchannels.JPG" border="0" alt="sit up channels" title="sit up channels" hspace="4" align="right" />Virgin Media's content division has been placed on the market with UBS appointed to advise on the sale, according to The Times.<br /><br />The news comes one day after the unit's chief executive Malcolm Wall announced he was leaving the company to "pursue other business interests".<br /><br />Virgin Media Television comprises of bid tv, price drop tv, speed auctions tv, Virgin 1, Living, Bravo, Trouble and Challenge suite of channels, and a 50% stake in the UKTV joint venture with BBC Worldwide.<br /><br />The move could allow BBC Worldwide to exercise a change of control clause that would permit it to buy the remaining 50% of UKTV ahead of any third party. UKTV is thought to be one of the main planks of any proposed partnership between BBC Worldwide and Channel 4.

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