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<img src="/images/pricedrop43.JPG" border="0" alt="price-drop" title="price-drop" hspace="4" vspace="2" align="right" />sit-up Ltd has announced that it has signed a long term deal with Arqiva which will see its TV home shopping channel price-drop tv, return to the growing Freeview platform, on channel 43 from 27 August 2009.<br /><br />Since coming off the platform in January 2009, price-drop tv has received numerous requests from customers to return to Freeview.<br /><br />Together with its sister channels, bid tv and speed auction tv, price-drop tv proves that shopping from home can be fun! Our entertaining presenters, great product, and falling price dynamic combine to provide customers with unbeatable value, convenience and choice.<br /><br />Ian Percival, CEO of sit-up ltd said, ‘returning to Freeview means we will be able to help the audience beat the credit crunch by taking advantage of our fabulous prices. With Christmas just around the corner, more people will be able to avoid the usual long shopping queues, parking fees and general hassle of shopping in the High Street, by buying their gifts from the comfort of their armchairs’.<br /><br />price-drop tv will be broadcasting on Freeview channel 43, 16 hours a day, 8am to Midnight, 7 days per week; price-drop tv will also continue to broadcast live on Sky 645, Virgin Media 741 and Freesat 801 from 7.45am to 1.30am.

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