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Jun 24, 2008
Not sure if anyone's talked about this range before so apologies if they have - I have been known to be a bit slow at times!!

Well, have Gems TV sunk to an all time low or what? Flicking the buttons on the remote I landed on Gems TV and for some reason I got stuck there for several games (note to doc I've developed a weird obsession with the ridiculous!!)

Anyway, here was the Welsh bird (sorry don't know her name) raving on about how fantastic these pieces of fake yes FAKE, plated costume jewellery were. This from the channel who have spent years comparing their prices with the High Street fashion outlets, constantly reiterating that they were selling genuine gemstones and saying "you could pay this for costume jewellery" and now they were selling costume jewellery at the same price they used to charge for the real thing!! Doh!

I watched several games and despite each of them starting and ending with the same number of pieces, she was saying "I have Glasgow, Birmingham, Edinburgh and London on the phone. Press the button" and then when the clock times out saying "hold that line"! Excuse me but there was nobody buying!! You are halucinating Miss Welsh Woman or trying to con us that people were actually buying this carp!!

Who in their right mind would pay £49.99 for a crystal and gold plated necklace or £54.99 for gold plate and faux pearls?? You could get similar pieces on Ebay for a fiver from China! Come to think of it, that's probably where Gems got them!

Oh dear Gems TV, you have been losing it for a while now but finally I fear the end is near!!

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