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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
Any more "Victoria" fans out there?

I'm a big fan of marcasite, and I've bought loads of Victoria pieces from Gems - in fact, the very first thing I ever bought from Gems was a Victoria pendant which is really quite exquisitely beautiful.

The prices for these pieces have never been particularly cheap, but I have to say the quality is absolutely tip-top - much better than most marcasite jewellery on the market, and the seed pearls make a lovely addition.

There haven't been any of these pieces on Gems for a while, and I was beginning to despair of ever seeing them again: but they've popped up again.

I have these on order and waiting to arrive:
http://www.gemstv.co.uk/Shop/productDataSheet.jsp?productid=124110 (£45)
http://www.gemstv.co.uk/Shop/productDataSheet.jsp?productid=124116 (£59 - could probably have got it cheaper if I waited, but I'm impatient!)
Yes, MissMagpie, I too am a fan of marcasite as it has the sparkle of diamonds and platinum without the price tag. I love your brooch and admired it when it aired but wasn't fast enough putting it in my basket...it's in the shop for £54 so I might still go for it. My favorite piece is a butterfly ring that I wear all the time and I have to agree the quality is superb :).

I love your brooch and admired it when it aired but wasn't fast enough putting it in my basket...it's in the shop for £54 so I might still go for it.

Huggles, contact Personal Shopper - I saw the brooch in the shop for £54, but PS gave me a price of £45. No point in paying over the odds!

Your ring is lovely, by the way...
I do like this range, saw a few pieces recently and was impressed - but not by the prices! If you're fond of marcasite & pearl jewellery, check out some of the auctions on www.rocks.tv - at the moment the prices are very reasonable! It does involve hanging around a bit till something comes up though... I foolishly didn't bid on a couple of gorgeous pieces this week, now I'm desperately waiting for them to come round again!
Thanks MissMagpie, I've just spoken to the PS and have had the brooch added to my order for £45...I'm so glad you gave me that advice, I'm a happy bunny :).

Anne C, yes I've looked at www.rocks.tv but I've not seen anything that's done it for me yet. I'll keep looking though...and well done on all your lovely purchases :D.
I have to say Miss Magpie, I was never a fan of marcasite before I saw Gems pieces. They've had some beautiful brooch/pendant pieces, well done on getting yours.
Yes, I've been looking at Rocks TV; but, like Huggles, haven't seen anything that's grabbed me yet.

Also the quality of the fine detail doesn't look as good - on screen at least, the milgraining seems fairly coarse, and it looks as though the marcasites may be glued in (rather than being prong set). Those issues are very common with modern marcasite jewellery (as opposed to genuine antique) - the Gems TV marcasite is unusual in that many of the pieces do in fact come close to the quality of the antiques.

Sorry to bang on - I'm a bit of a marcasite connoiseur!

But I'll keep checking out Rocks TV...
I love marcasite too which came as a bit of a surprise to me! I remembered it as something my Gran wore, not a 'real' gemstone and always in chunky, ornate pieces. I added a piece to my basket out of curiosity and I too am hooked, it's nothing like my memory of it.

It has a metallic sheen to it but with lots of sparkle. I still don't like the overly ornate pieces but have found enough pieces to keep me going. I really like the look of your chrysoprase pendant MM.

I have a ring from Rocks and am very pleased with it, their prices are very good too! You can always request an item if you don't see one coming up in the auctions.
Thanks for that BC - I'll try putting in a request to Rocks!

I haven't seen the crysoprase pendant on TV, but it looks very similar to one I have and love in blue topaz, which has a functioning magnifying glass that flips down from the back. Really, really beautiful and unusual - never seen anything like it anywhere else.
MissMagpie, I am intrigued by your blue topaz pendant with working magnifying glass...are you able to post the item number so I can have a look? Thanks :)
Thanks for that, I shall be hoping it makes an appearance again as it would be so nice to have and very useful...my eye sight ain't what it used to be and despite waring varyfocals it would help me read small print in the prettiest way possible :D. I love jewellery with a twist :D.

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