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Costs nothing to be nice!
Jun 24, 2008
Me again - sorry third post in this section this morning!!

As you all know, I'm quick to have a go at someone if they annoy me but I'm also big enough to admit when I'm wrong!

Some time ago, I had a go at Vicki Browne and at that time didn't like watching her. However, I have to say that I've seen a lot of Vicki recently and I was wrong! She is actually very entertaining, quick witted and a good presenter - if she doesn't talk about included emeralds and gloopy rubies!

No seriously, I apologise publically to Vicki for my previous comments (albeit it they were quite some time ago) and have to say I enjoy her presenting style and often have a giggle at her witty remarks. She gets on with it, doesn't hang about and is articulate and professional.

TJC have a good selection of presenters and are a million miles better than the other two channels - imho. :clapping: Just sort out the CS side and you'll be excellent!
I like Vicky ... she had a serious hair disaster ages ago, and when she came back on air she made quite a joke about the fight she had with the curling tongs ... didn't take herself too seriously at all.

I think you are right, KB, that TJC have the best team of presenters. They've had their share of bad press on here, but seem to have pulled through that and pitched themselves just right.

Even if I am not buying (which I am not at the moment ... shame!), I find it really pleasant to tune in and waste a bit of time with TJC. The screechy ear assault on t'other sides sometimes really grates!

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